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December 15, 2014
On Top of the city by Victor-Lam-art is a magnificent drawing done with breathtaking perspective and bold colors.
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On Top of the city

It has been a long time since my last update because I am severly Ill and it will take me another 7 months to fully recover.
So bare with me through these hard times !
I had a lot of funwith this piece but it took me 100+ hours to finish !
Check out all the details by PRESSING DOWNLOAD !
feel free to use it as wallpaper or phone background but ask before you upload it somewhere else.
Just because I grant downloading the full resolution doesn't mean you have the rights to use it.
Stay tuned !
check out my gallery
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LizzyChrome's avatar

Incredible work!

SherlockHolmesof221b's avatar
Simply breathtaking!.
modor1's avatar
I adore this. But I can't seem to find the download button! Have you disabled it?
Heimdyll's avatar
One of my favorite parts? Paper airplanes
lstjules's avatar
the piece is absolutely amazing. 
I wish you a smooth recovery.
aerroscape's avatar
wow this is so amazingly detailled!
CarlHolden's avatar
Take care and get well, your work is impressive, this one and a few of your others have made me smile.
IDrinkPuppies's avatar
This is just too good to be true. Excellent
Perspective is flawless. I envy your skill in perspective drawing, this is so amazing!!!! <3333333333333
hamsterpu's avatar
omg thats so frekin amazing <3! Love it, in particular the Details, and the fact that youre able to zoom that far in.
Visioku's avatar
The perspective is jaw dropping. The trees give a great sense on how old the place is, and the vertigo. I feel vertigo.
IrishMariner's avatar
Amazing work :)
I love the Civilisation <-> Nature contrast you have going on with all the plants growing in the corners and on the roofs.

Keep up the good work and get well soon :)
Fenixgfx's avatar
fantastic perspective on this
i want to live there
jamesdavidwork's avatar
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21citrouilles's avatar
:wow: This is a masterpiece.
sypueria's avatar
downloading the picture sure gave you more to look at, damn there is a lot of work put into this. great job man.
Fadoya's avatar
Nice Diving with sublim details, good work ;)
Tygahman's avatar
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