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Ed Edd n' Eddy shipping meme

In case if you haven't noticed/ don't know,

Purple: OTP (or in other words One True Pairing) It means that It's my favorite pairing.
Red: I like this pairing
Green: I think it's a okay pairing but I'm not a big fan of. I kind of like it.
Black: I don't like this pairing and/or I despise it.

My Top 3 pairings
1. Ed/May: They are made for each other lol Nuff' said lol. 💘

2. Edd/Nazz: I have no words. I just like it so much. 💗

3. Ed/Edd: Well opposites attract ❤️ (Pairing is pretty underrated though :/)

My Top 3 LEAST favorite pairings

3. Edd/Sarah: 😒
2. Eddy/Lee: Does Lee TRULY love him? Why does she always torment him for fun? That's not a good way to show your love like that.

1. Edd/Kevin: This pairing is SOOO overrated. I don't get it...why? There were only three scenes when Kevin was nice to Double D. None of those scenes showed them being more than just acquaintances. Sure Kevin prefers Edd over the other two (Particularly Eddy) but he still taunts him throughout the series. If any of you like this couple it's fine by me.

Well this is just my opinion of what I think about most Ed Edd n' Eddy pairings. I have missed a few so I will try to update as soon as possible. Feel free to comment 😉
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