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cPro2 Styler - Skin project

By Victhor
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More than a skin, a project.

This is a cPro2 skin bundled with all the original PSD files for you to freely modify and try out what you want. Everything is properly named and grouped. With color codes for layers and labels for gammagroups to make your own color themes.
There is also a mini tutorial on how to change graphics from the skin.

UPDATE: Follow me on Instagram to find more cool stuff about my skins >> Instagram New Icon/victhorbrocaz

And of course, there is the skin itself, in 3 versions:
  • Normal
  • Radiance (glows on hover, really cool)
  • Touchscreen (everything is bigger.. :D )
+ 4 Beat vis
+ 66 color themes*

Hope you enjoy it and get inspired to try some skinning!


*Note on Color themes: More will be regularly uploaded on Winampers, so join in (or add to watch) to stay up to date and get the latest. Plus, REQUESTS ARE ALLOWED! Just point me to some color combination and I'll try it! (check below, "the magic of Color Themes" to see examples).

This download contains:
3 skins / 70 PSD files / PDF tutorial

Wanna know where all the color themes come from?
Check this out, you'll be amazed! -> meet the Magic of Color Themes

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  

Designed & coded by Victhor
Download Classic Pro plugin here | Follow me on Twitter
© 2014 - 2021 Victhor
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Pesare-Khakestari's avatar
Thank U... but dosen't run on Winamp 5.666... why?Hi! 
When does Winamp come to the market?Woohooooo! 
Please tell me.=P (Razz) 
Victhor's avatar
Remember to install Classic Pro to use it (here), it should be working fine on Winamp 5.666. Winamp is currently frozen.. a mix of various reasons I guess (no one knows for sure). We'll all be really happy when an updated version comes up!
Really good skin Thank you!I use KOMODO X too Thanks!
Victhor's avatar
Cool! Thanks for the fav!
you're welcome
Broken303's avatar
really enjoying the skin so far visually. since i couldn't find an answer to this i have to ask you about an issue i'm having though: while using your skin i don't seem to be able to move winamp to my secondary monitor for some reason, it always snaps to the border i'm dragging it over. even manually editing the studio.xnf file did not work. do you have any idea why that is, or how i can work around this problem?
Victhor's avatar
Hi! Just disable "snap window to sides" within the options menu (Options > Window sizing > Snap window to sides...).
Broken303's avatar
wonderful, thank you!
int-gfx's avatar

Your my hero ;)
Victhor's avatar
Then with KOMODO X Touchscreen by Victhor I could be your god! :D XD
good job indeed,even without using the PSDs its quite epic
Victhor's avatar
Thanks! Though I hoped more people would use the PSDs.. =/
Markkoenig's avatar
I don't use Winamp but... respect.
Victhor's avatar
Ey! kudos for that!! =) Thanks!
burnsplayguitar's avatar
Man, It's just Fantastic. 
Victhor's avatar
:D Thanks!! Hope to see some of yours soon!
burnsplayguitar's avatar
stay tuned hehehe ;)
Chef-of-KH's avatar
would be cool if there was a fcoar color theme :) (Smile) 
Victhor's avatar
Gooood idea, noted! (besides, it's time to pull an update, so I'll add some if neiio 's last works too) 
Sternenmaschinebine's avatar
And before pulling an update, maybe doing an image search for "lcars skins and themes" and "lcars winamp skins".
One of the examples is on deviantART, "LCARS Winamp Skin by Trish2":…
And with the add-on Sytlish I have installed " - Star Trek LCARS terminal (adlc)":…
It's only a suggestion.
Please let us know, if You have pulled an update.
And keep up Your good work!... :)
EmiLEDESMaArg's avatar
HE notado que mi skin preferido desde hace muchos años "cpro minimal " tiene las mismas características en cuanto el editado del skin .. ahora mi skin preferido tiene una nueva característica .. en cuanto a su  interfaz .. si no se ofende "Victhor " voy a dejar el enlace ..   

I have noticed that my skin preferred for many years "I CPRO minimal" has the same features as the edited skin .. my favorite skin now has a new feature .. in their interface .. if "Victhor" will not offend I'll leave the link ..…
Victhor's avatar
No me ofendo p nada! Ese autor de hecho es uno de los q me inspiró de hecho! Sus Skins son bestiales.. 
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