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cPro2 Grafito by Veroka and Victhor

2 argentinians joined forces (¿?) and after years in the making, it's finally here! Veroka originally started this years ago and I took it as a base to make an almost new skin. First cPro2 collaboration with her, turned up quite nice I think.


UPDATE OFF-TOPIC: Follow me on Instagram to find more cool stuff about my skins >> Instagram New Icon/victhorbrocaz

UPDATE 03 (v1.02):

Small fixes on some color themes
Added another color theme after seeing this color combo.
Adjusted shade PNG to improve the effect.
Fixed engine tooltip color.
Fixed Playlist scrolbar bg coloring.
UPDATE 01: Added 1 new color theme I had in another file.


NOTE: Remember to install cPro plugin (what makes the skin work in a single window) and the last version of Winamp (just for the sake of being updated with latest fixes).

Visualization used on the screenshot is Classic Spectrum Analyzer (with custom color bg) by Mike Lynch, preview here. Download here.
© 2017 - 2021 Victhor
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How did you set the custom BG color? I can only change the styles and the bar colors in the colour factory in the plugin. The style allows for the "Solid Colour" option for BG but nowhere to set what that solid color should be. or am I missing something? Did you just edit the dll?

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Wow... never saw this comment! Sorry. It's not evident how you can set a plain color because the option is called "Flash" instead of "Background". First use the use the Pick and Set buttons and then use Fade to achieve the flat color (I will suggest this edit for WACUP version).

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Thank you for updating! Appreciated! :thumbsup:
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The only skin I use now and definitely in the top 3 in my list of media players - all time. Many useable and cool color variations make it even cooler than most.
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Looks like this one grew on you uh? XD Thanks!
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 Awesome! Can't barely notice it's windows 10!
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Yeah. Window 10 design is pure evil.
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This skin looks great! But it looks like the link for the cPro plugin isn't working :(
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You're right, the site is down. For the time being use…. Hopefully the original site will be back online soon.. 
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Thanks! For the fav too! 
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Nice presentation! :wow:
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:) thanks, I hope I can get a good one like this for my next skin.. 
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This looks so good. Just found out about the WACUP initiative and project.  Winamp is the best.

I remember using a skin from Adni18 (probably not correct username - either that or Adil) which I just had to use again and again because if it's fluidity and Audion-like(MacOS 9 and X application) appearance.

Your Bento skin looks so good too.
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Thanks! I think you may be talking about this Adil and his awesome Boom skin: BOOM by adil

There's another skin he released in beta only that was never officially published, but I might soon, on my Winampers group (join in if you haven't yet).
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That's exactly the one!! It has great animations and a great look. I'll look into joining. Though I'm not a full-on Windows user I feel the past is surpassing me in a good way with especially these Winamp skins. 
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Tomorrow my husband Frank will have his birthday and not I myself (6th April 2017), but thank You for the big preset for me. I will use it for myself... :D
I am sure, that this skin will be very good... :)
Yeeeaaaahhhh!!!!!!... :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
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Haha glad to be landing sort of in time! 
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Tasteful! I am a big fan of you both, Veroka & Victhor, so this is a real treat! Is that graphic analyzer on the bottom a milkdrop preset?
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Thanks! Check the last note on description for the visualizer (it's not milkdrop). It takes a little bit of tweaking to make it look like mine but is a fun and great app, a bit buggy, but great anyway. 
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Wowwww!!! Hermoso! Definitivamente hoy voy a volver al winamp.
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