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cPro2 Dark Aluminum Final


· 60 color themes
· Redrawed Beatvis + 1 new
· Re-made graphics
· Replaced / improved Web Reader icons / gfx
· New fonts on Info seeker

Hope you like it. As usual, comments are welcome.

UPDATE: Follow me on Instagram to find more cool stuff about my skins >> Instagram New Icon/victhorbrocaz


Download Classic Pro plugin here | Follow me on Twitter
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////// C R E D I T S //////
Background Futuristic wallpaper by Lacza. Special thanks to him for his permission.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

/// N O T E /// Remember to extract the file before using it.
© 2013 - 2021 Victhor
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Very nice skin. But there is a problem. Window Settings > Scaling. If I set 150% there then such a frame is displayed. Here is a photo of:…

Can you do that somehow fix it?
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Hi, thanks! To fix that I recommend you to disable Alpha blending, it is a known bug of the engine itself, that's  the shadow frame not being handled correctly by cPro (I can't do much from the skin only, sorry).
RayAlpha2016's avatar
Thank you. That worked :)
dragonaut666's avatar
thanks for this theme ! 

here's a screenshot of how i use winamp most of the time:…
Victhor's avatar
Cool! Glad you like it!!
call me thick but how do u put this skin into cpro please ?
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NP, once you installed the skin (from…), you can go one of two ways:

1. Place the zip file as it is into your skin's folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Skins) and from Winamp go to Main menu > Skins > (select) cpro2_dark_aluminum_final_by_victhor.


2. Rename the downloaded zip file to ".wal" (without quotes) and double click on it. It will prompt you to install the skin, click "Yes" and it will load Winamp with the skin selected.
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This is the best cPro skin I've ever seen ! The color themes could be a little more exciting (so many color themes in most cPro skins wear fancy names but are quite dull or non-exixtant) but for this skin, I've found the color theme "FireFox01", that's really the best !! I've found my favourite Winamp Modern skin ! And something extraordinary is that you can use this skin full screen or resize it to the size of a small square... WOW !
Victhor's avatar
Glad you like it so much. Try my Satin Port too (a cPro1 skin), it's similar to this one.
And thanks for the fav!!
Scott-Kane's avatar
this is sleek man! good job, heads up
Victhor's avatar
Thanks! Means a lot coming from you!! =)
Sternenmaschinebine's avatar
This is the best of Your cPro2 Skins.
I hope to see more such cPro2 Skins some day.
Keep up Your good work!!!... :-)
Victhor's avatar
Thanks! You'll see more cPro2 skins without a doubt (though we're just a few doing them.. check… to find some cPro2 exclusives!), but spreading the word out is always welcomed!!
when comes next version with skins? :D
Victhor's avatar
Hmm.. good question.. I think the main dev of cPro is coming "back to bussiness" around june, hold on!
can you not make the black/ red black blue skin and version update later?^^
other question

when i save a playlist with Online/Webradio see i not the name from webradio.. only the ip adress.. can you make a 2nd row for separate name? also 1st row ip 2nd row name? 
oh i have think is only an optical option like in history view.. there is nore rows... but ok... thx
Victhor's avatar
I can't do that, it's not something related to the skin, that's related to Winamp itself. So you'll have to ask them. 
Very nice Skin/Color Themes.. Very nice Effects..^^

Can you add Color Themes in Dark Red Styles, Black Red Styles? 
Victhor's avatar
Thanks, you mean like the color theme called "Top RED"?
yea theme top red and andaur wolf looks nice.. but a theme that is darker black/red

here looks black more grey, and red looks to pale.. i think  black/red theme

my english is bad you know what i mean?
Victhor's avatar
Yep, I guess I know what you mean, I'll add some like that for the next version, I like that combination (black and red), I don't know why I didn't do more for this.. 
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