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cPro2 Aluminum II



This skin was supposed to be the default skin for the next big release of Classic Pro 2 but that release got forever delayed so I'm releasing it now as a separate download.
Enjoy. Please comment and fav if you like!

UPDATE 13/04/2021: Sorry for the 'false alarm', just updated the cPro plugin link on all my deviations (original site has been down for some years now), now it points to my own release, on my other DeviantArt account dedicated to Winamp stuff not done by me.

UPDATE 19/06/2018: Follow me on Instagram to find more cool stuff about my skins >> Instagram New Icon/victhorbrocaz

UPDATE 09/03/2017: The skin is finally bundled with a new beta of cPro2! (+ a couple of bug fixes long requested). Go get it! >>>…


NOTE: Remember to install cPro plugin (what makes the skin work in a single window) and the last version of Winamp (just for the sake of being updated with latest fixes).

CREDITS: Bg image by Jamie Green AKA Neiio: Freeze.
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Thank you for the update! :thumbsup:

...but I think I am forever stuck with cPro Dark Aluminium :P