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UNITY 2014 Winamp cProXUI v1.4

By Victhor
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More info on the UNITY 2014 project and goodies: CHECK OUT THIS COLLECTION.

UPDATE: Follow me on Instagram to find more cool stuff about my skins >> Instagram New Icon/victhorbrocaz


Rabbit hole  cProXUI Unity 2014 - CHRISTMAS EDITION!! Rabbit hole  

New v1.4 with lots of changes and improvements:

+ Added option to show minimize & maximize buttons (CTRL + Click on the styler changer button).
+ Added Live Seeker with flashing light like in cPro2 skins (to clumsily disable it delete infoseek_light.png in the skin folder / file).
+ Added Visualizer (Bento like, with reflection and all, even right click option to deactivate it 8D ).
+ Added a couple of color themes (Christmas time!!). Santa La 
+ Added Tabs icons "hover" and "inactive" states (strangely missing before..)
+ Added Songticker options to right click (a bit buggy: due to how the styles are implemented, you'll have to un-check the options you don't want. I know it's awkward but ey, it's better that nothing) (thanks Aminifu).
+ Added feature: "Size and Positions Presets" (assign specific size and position to F9 to F12 keys -SHIFT + Key to set it-).
+ Changed "minimum width" so you can make it smaller, until displaying only time.
+ Changed Songticker behaviour (it moves to the left / right according to the time width).
+ Changed to better fonts.
+ Changed Volume pop-up so it doesn't cover the... cover Wink/Razz  .
+ Fixed double click not going fullscreen on substyles (thanks ShenleyD).
+ Fixed "notification" area colors on Style 2.
+ Improved some bits here and there on most color themes.
+ Minor fixes

ECNMY specific:
+ Changed close button on standard windows
+ Improved Minimize and Maximize buttons (easier to find / aim now)
+ New about skin pic


* 97 color themes
* 2 skins with 3 sub-styles
* Aerosnap + Multibutton + Notifier
* Cover works as "news" area too
* Auto-hide volume bar (thanks to iron2000)

NOTE: Remember to install cPro plugin (what makes the skin work in a single window) and, the last version of Winamp (just for the sake of being up to date with latest security fixes and stuff).


CREDITS: Video cap on the preview is "Cell out" by Neekoe.
© 2014 - 2021 Victhor
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CheeseEnthusiast's avatar
Clean and pleasant!
Victhor's avatar
XD That's what I loved about this project. Is always hard to go minimal with Winamp giving its usually cluttered UI, but it turned out well I think..
Hi Victhor, thank you for this gorgeous theme! Where can I find the "repeat button"?
Victhor's avatar
Thanks you for your words!
Sadly there is no Repeat button, I had to sacrifice it to stay up to the minimalistic style chosen for the suite.
You can still access it by Right click (on a blank area) > Options > Repeat (or hit "R" on the keyboard)
Victhor's avatar
:D Winamp forever!!
Sternenmaschinebine's avatar
Winamp forever - Music forever!!!

BTW, I have created also the .jpg-files "logo_musicforever_...", and 4 of my most recent Winamp Screenshots on deviantART are with both Unity Skins, some own random textures and also some edited presets... :)

Yepp, now I know, what I will do, if I go onto the couch, take my good Beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro headphones and start Winamp on my notebook the next time, after I have used some other of Your skins in the last weeks... D
Sternenmaschinebine's avatar
Thank You, Victhor.

Just updated it again, also made new uploads on Mediafire, incl. my Winamp Classic Skins and my Winamp Info Reports. I should continue soon... :)
Beautiful skin!!!  Love the colors!
Victhor's avatar
I'm glad you like it, have you tried the alternate colors too??
benderclark's avatar
what about a CSS for GDeskTunes ?
benderclark's avatar
CSS ... aka ... Cascading Style Sheets (is a style sheet language used for describing the look and formatting of a document written in a markup language)

CSS is kinda like skin but it's code. It would be totally SWEET ... if you may design and create an Unity CSS for GDeskTunes. That would be totally awesome.
garet-jax's avatar
My Favorite - The use of color here is right on; I'm not big on CPRO Skins....and I love this me what I want...It is special...featured everywhere I can feature it.  :)~ Very Nice Job;  Though, I'd like a Bento Style Version of this...and then I will likely make a classic version ;)

fantástico esfuerzo y mejor de lo que pensaba
Victhor's avatar
Ey! Thanks! I tried to make it complete and useful while still retaining most of the original minimalism and beauty, I think that's why it works so good.
I also thought of doing some mod with more "traditional" skinning material (in the Bento style but not bento exactly), the layout is almost ready for that.

I'll finish a Komodo remix I'm working on and a collaborative with Veroka and then I'll be ready for it :D
With you pumping out fantastic skins I don't even care if Radionomy gets around to releasing a new version of Winamp. This one is the best yet!
Victhor's avatar
That's the kind of comments I like to hear! :D Preparing some more to make the wait more bearable!!
chinook77's avatar
Hola, muy bueno tu trabajo. Debe de haberte llevado bastante tiempo. No encuentro el botón para activar/desactivar la reproducción aleatoria y repetir lista/canción. Saludos.
Victhor's avatar
Ey gracias x el comentario y los favs! Este Skin justo no tiene estos botones, pensé en alguna forma de agregarlos sin abandonar el minimalismo pero no encontré ninguna forma sencilla. 
Igual podés acceder con el clic derecho - opciones. 
ninryu's avatar
How do I change the colors?
Victhor's avatar
It's simple, there is the best way, and the easier way ;) .
LukasKokoska's avatar
Baby Jesus what an update! Awesome mate SnowDummy 
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