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KOMODO X Touchscreen (v0.9 - beta)

(Formerly Komodo Vanguard)

F I N A L   V E R S I O N    R E L E A S E D ! !

G e t   i t   h e r e :…


BETA VERSION, skin is quite usable but a lot of stuff is still going to be added.

Improvements and key features:

- Choose custom backgrounds (up to 10 different ones, saved for quick access)
- iTunes-like Coverflow Playlist. 
- UI based on transitions, awesome and functional. 
- Touchscreen-ready. 
- Nice and cool Now Playing page.
- Bundled web browser with preloaded lyrics finder, cover search and more.
- Lots and lots of color themes.


What's changed / improved from original version:

- Replaced "Media Library" page for a cPro-like with a bundled playlist (& search) on the right side.
- Added Notifier system (bigger, better!) (dismiss on right click like standard notifications)
- Changed Minimum heigth (if you're on a 15" monitor, fullscreen is your only option)
- Bigger Covershow (and cleaner)
- Moved Playlist Plus switch mode buttons to bottom
- Indicator relocated ("Pause" - "resume play" - etc)
- Pages navigation buttons hidden until hovered
- Bigger top song info
- Re-arranged playback buttons, seeker and volume bars
- Bigger text on Now Playing
- For easier handling now almost ALL the skin is "draggable"
- Added resizers eeeeeverywheeeeere
- Added Right click and Double click actions for song / artist wherever possible.
- Replaced / updated AlbumArt script to add Right click menu and "Explore folder" action on double click.
- Added info song data (bitrate and so on..)
- Improved Playlist search box (bigger, better.. stronger!)
- Taller pages button (< >)
- Added Background, hover and overlay state for buttons and seekers
- Track time shows clock when stopped
- Added Menu button (Ctrl. + click to open current track folder)
- Added Top Drawer with Multibutton, AOT button*, Shuffle*, Repeat*, EQ ON/OFF* and Winamp prefs*
- (*) State Indicators on top left corner
- Visual Aids: Special window to activate backgrounds behind buttons and text for easier readability (access through right click > "Visual Aids")


- MORE Visual Aids (8 total)
- New fonts all around
- Added buttons on Vis and Video pages to switch with each other
- Added  Aerosnap support (RC > Options to enable -NOT RECOMMENDED on small resolutions like 1024x768px-)
- 1 extra button to test how it will work the set of bundled backgrounds
- OneDirectionText implemented where possible
- Fixed first 14 color themes and several missplaced gammagroups
- Fixed Seeker light

Credits: Background used in preview is from Behance,… by ZAKI Abdelmounim
Default image in current release and v0.9 preview bg are from the awesome Beeple:
© 2015 - 2021 Victhor
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Thanks for the response. Apparently skin is eating up way too much memory. I did your fix but no use. And I only have this problem with this skin. Also, upon a restart winamp failed to open a few times giving me error- "No data generated" but changing to another skin worked fine. Though after a few attempts it did open that's how it has been since, between error and working. 
Okey so I imagine there are lot of limitations with winamp and I assume you're working on making it as much feature rich and customizable (appearance) as possible. Your work is highly appreciated.
How do I remove the custom background images that I've used? can't seem to find that
One problem though I would like to discuss with you that I have for years. When I open winamp library it opens(fetch) artwork one by one as if it is reading from files tags. This is same with all the skin, themes, plugins etc. How can I work around that? Is there a way to create a cache memory for artworks like we have in Aimp?
Thanks for the support.
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Have you ask about your issues on the Winamp forums? If not, please do since it's a better place to discuss that sort of things. 

About the skin eating too much memory, have you cleared Studio.xnf as told? Is the only thing I can recommend you to do, otherwise seems like your Winamp install may be corrupted somehow from some time now.  The skin can be heavy but today's computer can handle it very well, it is designed for modern PCs in fact. On the "known bugs" side consider that the skin can get especially heavy if you add too many backgrounds in a row without refreshing (F5) or closing and reopening.
OR the other possible cause may be related to : flac & ogg files (not deeply tested on those) or way too big album art (2000x2000px +). 
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Okey, advise taken. Just on thing that I needed to know is that how do I remove the background images that I've used? Replacing the old 10 with the new 10.
And once again thanks for the work. Highly appreciated.
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Just use the Custom button to select new pictures and the oldest will be gone when you select a new one. 
You can't choose which pictures to maintain, the last one from the right bottom is always the first to go. 
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How do I change the custom background image from the one I previously selected?

Thanks for the help
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Mmm... have you tried clicking directly on the image thumbnail? XD
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Apart from cpro plugin this is definitely the best enhancement ever. Great work. I was about to give up on Winamp in the absence of configurable cool skin. I'm surprised that I'm looking for a decent winamp skin since last week and could only find this today. What else am I missing?

Edit: There are issues, lots of them. Is this a work in progress? Shell I report some?

Why my coverflow playlist showing covers as tracks in the playlist?(all the same covers right and left) Shouldn't they display <-previous playlist | Next playlist-> covers? or maybe previous album/next album covers? like in iTunes

My library is taking around a minute to load, is it normal?

Also, I would request a feature that I had in Aimp3 custom skin I grabbed from here. It use to show album artwork as player background image and it was configurable like opacity/placement etc. Can we have it?

Lastly, please replace or include some more fonts. They kinda suck on this heavenly skin/design. And also if possible make things a little smaller, not the window or artwork just the font and progress bar.

Can you please make library and playlist view transparent like the config tab?

I will anxiously await updates. Thanks once again.
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Thanks for your words! I'll reply item by item:

1. Is this a work in progress?
YES, that's why I called this "BETA" ;)

2. Why my coverflow playlist showing covers as tracks in the playlist?
Because is meant to work that way, it is not meant to browse albums but playlist tracks, sorry (Winamp doesn't allow that kinda of feature actually).

3. My library is taking around a minute to load, is it normal?
Nope, it only happens on this skin? I would recommend you to delete / rename "studio.xnf" on this folder:
And then check again if it solves it. That file holds ALL your skins preferences, it's a bit annoying to lost some configs, but it usually gets heavily loaded and "fat" so it's quite normal to delete every once in a while.. (it regenerates by itself next time you close Winamp)

4. It use to show album artwork as player background image and it was configurable like opacity/placement etc. Can we have it?
I'd like to implement that on a future version if there is enough requests.

5. ...please replace or include some more fonts.
Mmmm... hardly, I like it how it is now (not sure if you see the last build's font).
Anyway, you can change every font on the skin by using Winamp's font mapper.

6. ..if possible make things a little smaller, not the window or artwork just the font and progress bar.
Lol that would be against the purpose of this skin, it is meant to use with touchscreen PCs!

7. Can you please make library and playlist view transparent like the config tab?
Nope, I would if I could but it's a Winamp limitation..
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I have it already, and it looks well-promising.
In the .txt-file I have read, the choosen images always should be at the same location, and I have found now a good place for my choosen images, where they cannot be accidently moved anymore. Also the images and the subfolder have the final file-names and the final folder-name. The same location will be warranted.
I have heard, in the future versions also 100 images instead of 10 could be possible, if I am not wrong. Then all my 28 Profile Background Images instead of 10 could be used.
I will keep my eyes open.
Keep up Your good work!... :)
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Thnks for your words, kind as always!
The skin WILL NOT support 100 images, that would make it too heavy. Current 10 is the maximum. What I meant (maybe not clear enough) is the upload (to a website) of several images (100 or more) collected from the internet which I found work perfectly with the skin (some images needed watermark / logos cleaning). Those images would be accesible through your default web browser and through the internal "web Reader".
Sternenmaschinebine's avatar
Thank You for the exact explanation.
I love it to analyze the inner structures of all cPro- & cPro2 Skins and of some other Modern Skins (I know how to do it) and I found also the .txt-file.
I had already decided for 10 of my 28 Profile Background Images. Also I had worked again twice on my archive with subfolders in my documents, sorted by the date, where I backup the settings of all skins (also on USB-Sticks, to have everything secure). For myself, I am very satisfied with my own work.
It is good to know about the feature with the other images in the internet. Of course the images can be bookmarked and the URLs can be pasted. Hopefully the internet connection always will be stable, not that the user wants to open Winamp and suddenly discovers, that the internet connection is lost.
I saw already my Main Profile Background Image in the "New Stage" together with good music, and I feel, I have got something back, after I had lost the "Old Stage" in my profile on a music website, because in April 2014 the profile layout had been changed by the website owners (such things happen very often).
Well done!... :)
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Awesome work dude! :iconjakenoplz:
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:D Thanks!! x2!
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EVE Online icon spotted! Damn, I really gotta start converting this one to foobar... If that's ok with ya, 'f course.
Victhor's avatar
Please, I would really love to see how it turns out, functionality will be hard to replicate.. 
Markkoenig's avatar
WHAAAAAAAT?! Purple neon looked awesome! What happened?!
Victhor's avatar
Hehe, the fact that you can change the background of the player from within the player makes it hard to keep it looking the same way for a long time.. X)
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I know, I guess I just love glowing stuff too much :D
Markkoenig's avatar
Oh, it sure will. It's not gonna happen soon, though.
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QUe lindo TE quedo Victhor .. Un Orgullo Argentino .. ") .. SIempre EL MEJOR ... FELICITACIONES Y muchas GRAcias .. !!

Cute ! Argentine Pride victhor .. A .. ") .. always the best ... CONGRATULATIONS AND thank you very much .. !!…
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Gracias x las palabras!! Enjoy!
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This looks epic!
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Thanks! I'm feeling the preview doesn't do it justice so I'll eventually upload a better picture with most cool features in it..
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Looking forward to see it :)
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