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Big Bento Modern v1.15

By Victhor
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Update (2020-01-16) v1.1.5 

New = Option in Songticker's Right-Click menu to customize welcome message (thanks Juanus!).
New = [WACUP users] specific screenshots.
New = (Notifications) Mouse hover reveals a close button now
Fixed = Spanish translation (thanks 440 hercios!)
Fixed = Swapped Osciloscope's 'solid' and 'lines' in Vis RC menu (thanks PimpUigi!)
Removed = Variants of Oxygen font (experimental, it can be back)
Removed = Skin tips
Removed = File info background fade-in on startup (snappier)
Removed = Songticker option "copy songticker info..." (it can be back if requested enough)
Removed = Extra separators on Right-Click menus.
Improved = Volume pop-up rebuilt to be more responsive.
Improved = Cleaned up some unused gammagroups.
Improved = [WACUP users] PL scrollbar has a better integration now.
Improved = Multibutton's text "Open About Winamp" changed to "Default Lightning Bolt Behaviour" to better reflect what's selected on Advanced Library Preferences.
Improved = Album art on side panel and File Info section now have a better Close button.
Improved = Under the hood work to make Color Themes page easier to update (door way more opened to new themes =) ).
Improved = "Legacy" Color Themes look better now.
Added = Gordon Freeman's* color themes (thanks!) + 4 new ones by me.


Download button contains a link to the actual file (DA wouldn't let me upload here) >>…


© 2018 - 2021 Victhor
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sweet thanks! just got back into using winamp and haven't been able to find anything til now

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Hope it didn't took you too long to find it, part of my efforts is to be available on as many plataforms as possible so it's easy to find, but I still see some people having trouble to find the skin!

Wow Victhor, great work!

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Great work! Thank you!
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Adore this - fallen back in love with Winamp again. just wondering about a couple of things:

1. Any way to move the playlist to the left instead of the right?
2. I love the file info section but in the position it is, it seems a bit pointless as it makes the ticker redundant - is there any better way to use this space?
3. How come in the library, the album art section (top middle part between artist and genre) is the only part where you can't customise the columns in any way?

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Ey! Thanks for your words! Let me tackle your points as you posted:

1. Other than the already PL tab you mean?


2. You can choose other views, use the 3-dots button on the bottom-right part of that view. As for the songticker, I've noted what you see also, so I'm planning to add a sonticker builder, so you can choose what to put in there (i.e. "artist - song", or "album + year", etc).

3. That's a Winamp's quirk, not affected by the skin. It is annoying indeed.. maybe WACUP will adressed it some day..

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1. The playlist tab seems to be either a) the full width of the screen b) top right or c) far right column for me. I'd like it to be far left column under the buttons/ticker, with the media library all over the right side.

Like how the Winamp Modern skin used to be:

2. Yes I've tried that but it's such a big space. That's one of the reasons why I would move the playlist, to take up this space better. Otherwise maybe it's possible to combine it with the ticket/button/waveseeker in some way because they seem to me to all be part of the same thing in the end.

3. Ah shame. I hoped the newer versions of Winamp would have fixed this by now but sadly not...

Thanks again for an amazing skin useable on Windows 10.
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great great! thanks thanks! it makes my day
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This is really great: modern, clean and functional.
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Ey hi ariszlo! long time no see XD, thanks!
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My virus protection went haywire when I installed this and deleted multiple malware. 
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If you're still in doubt, here's the 0/70 scan's result of virustotal:…
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? The first time someone says this about one of my skins, your antivirus must be crazy or it's very bad / sensitive. There are 8 small .exe on the zip per each skin (16 total), needed to achieve some of the more advanced functions, it never caused any problem with antivirus.. 
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It might just be sensitive.  I just downloaded the zip again and scanned this time and got this!. 

Threat detected in compressed files

C:\Users\DWEEBIX\Desktop\>Big Bento Modern Windows 10 edition\scripts\shortcuts\bbm_sendMessage_40204.exe : HEUR/QVM20.1.FAD7.Malware.Gen

Scan Engine:
QVM II AI Engine

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Yeah, that's one of the .exe I was referring to, it's weird that it points just one since all do the same (send a message to Winamp). Will keep an eye on this, but I'm 100% confident it's a false positive. 
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Sorry about that!.  Disabled the AV, installed than ran a scan and everything is fine!. 
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Cool, hope you enjoy the skin now!
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Thanks!. I do!. I have one question for the skin color options!. I'm in the XML file.. and I see color codes like, -1898,-763,-3068
Hex or RGB code don't allow anything below 0 so How do you get the minus symbol in there? I'm trying to add my own custom colors
to the skin preset list so I can enjoy it more.. I'd love an Black background will all Lime green text, etc.. Almost like "Evil Red" but in green. 
Victhor's avatar
Ufff... there's an explanation somewhere on why that's like that, but I can't recall it now. The important thing is that if you head to the very bottom of the color themes list you'll see a button that will direct you to >>….

Color editor is the best way to do color themes on Winamp. Once installed (with Winamp closed), open it from Right-click menu on Winamp, on the new window clone the default color theme and start from there. When you're happy with the final result, export your theme and open that new xml to copy the new color theme's lines (from "<gammaset id="...">" to "</gammaset>") into color-presets.xml. Save and refresh Winamp (F5 will do without a restart).

Note that the plugin has two noticeable bugs with the "Clone" option though:
1. You can only clone the Default color theme (you have to copy/paste the code on another xml to clone another one).
2. When you clone it, you can only use a 1 digit new name (atfer exporting you can change this to whatever on color-presets.xml)

Other than that, is an amazing plugin, try it out and ask me if in doubt.

PS: You'll have to experiment a little because not all color names are evident of what it affects, I had to do some trickery to mantain compatibility with Official Bento color themes..
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