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Big Bento Modern

3D Llama Badge  Tired of Winamp looking so old and microscopic? Big Bento Modern is a complete re-designed of the last Winamp default skin, aiming to be readable -and usable- on high resolutions, with a fresh look and smooth animations.

UPDATE 2: There's a new version, check it out >>…

UPDATE: Follow me on Instagram to find more cool stuff about my skins >> Instagram New Icon/victhorbrocaz


Years in the making, it's now offered for free, spread the word if you like it and/or donate what you can (with PayPal) so we can keep our beloved music player really up to date (mods and color themes requests accepted!).

The skin is launched on 3 languages (english, spanish and polish*), if you wish to translate it to your language, just contact me.

Zip file includes standard version with its light mode and a Windows 10 styled version, also with light mode. Just place all folders (don't rename it!) on your Winamp skin's directory. Read the included .txt for extra details on the skin, languages and WACUP related info.

Llama Love  * Polish lang pack done and updated by Paweł Porwisz, big thanks to him!
Llama Love  * Also, big thanks to Darren Owen for the shortcuts (to IPC Calls) used on Playlist info buttons.

© 2018 - 2021 Victhor
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Awesome skin, the best I have ever seen for Winamp. I see Winamp 5.8 has officially been released, I hope your skin plays nice with it :-)
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Thanks! (for the fav too!). Last time I check (some years ago), it played well with 5.8, so it should be doing fine now.
It looks great
any chance there is some working rating column in the playlist or the playlist list somewhere?
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Ey! Glad you liked it. The playlist is untouchable from the skinning side of Winamp (at least the layout, colors and fonts are all I can change). You can't imagine the amount of things I would do if I'd be able to change more inside the playlist.. XD.

About the playlists list, I think you can get more or less that using the Playlist info view ("load another Playlist" button is visible if you make the window wide enough - is to the far right -), or even use one of the Custom buttons on Multi-tools view (in this case you can assign playlists to buttons). 
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two things!the setting and about icons go over the monitor on 1366x768 in settings section. and the other playlist not comming back when cycling through tabs. it disappears and you have to get it back with mouse again.

BUT! Everithing (else) is OUTSTANDING! you are awesome, and BIG THANKS! wish you all the best man
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Thanks! And good spot! (the first one) I didn't thought such small screen res would be used. I'll figure out something to fix it.

About the Playlist thing, I can't replicate it exactly. But if it's what I think it is, I've already fix it on my working build (but it's a dissapearing PL more realted to jumping between Win 10 and normal version..). How are you cicling through tabs? With keyboard's shortcuts?
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that second thing is.. just.. not too important. i was telling about right playlist pane that is displayed always in big bento, but here when i select eg browser, or visualisation, when i come back to library (first one) i have to pull playlist from right again.
i use winamp on a notebook. 15". the two icons are not completely displayed (SETTINGS AND "?"), and the section is not scrollable at all. that's the only THING. but is not really something that makes any problems. it could be just a suggestion. we all can live without it :)
both things are very very not something to make any big worry, according to standard winamp skin or other cpro skins this is ENLIGHTEMENT in a lot of ways, i use it with a pleasure. thank you for that
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Mmm.. Playlist display should work exactly as in Bento, maybe you're not used to have the tab enabled (which I think I put it like that on purpose). If I'm right, disabling the Playlist tab will get you the effect you're accustomed to. You can do it with Right-Click > Options > Playlist > Show Playlist tab (click to enable/disable). Or use the Skin settings tab, the Playlist area should be visible I think.
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all the truth..sorry for the inconveniences. i found it this afternoon. :)
thanks for the reply. stay well!! enjoy your creative energy!
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Thanks! U 2!  XD 
Man, this is PERFECT. This is exactly what I was looking for. Are you even human? Anyways, thank you very much for this awesome skin--makes WinAmp younger and cooler.
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Thanks! Don't hesitate to ask (here or at the WACUP forum or wherever) if you find some difficulties with the skin.
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damn bro. 
Never thought I could use big bento again. Looks sweet
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Thanks! That was my intention all along, to bring back the unbelievers!! XD
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Got it!
Will check it out next weekend... :)
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I'll be waiting your feedback ;) 
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Again I was in stress, I had to hurry, and now I have uploaded 8 images on deviantART in the wrong order... :D
Yesterday I have seen, there are 4 versions, 2x2, in both packs with a dark and a light version.
I myself have Windows Vista and Windows 7, but no Windows 10.
What would You suggest? Or should I try out all 4 versions?
At first I will examine the inner structures outside of Winamp.
Then the next steps could follow soon... :)
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The windows 10 version is just a styling, it is not meant specifically for win10. Use it on win Vista or 7 if you wish.
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I hope, I can use also all 4 versions and not only 2 because I want to see them all.
I know, I have to use them as folder skins. Until now I have only those 3 folder skins in use which came already with the Winamp Installer, and I have also some more SUI-Skins which are based on the Big Bento.
There are 2x2 skins. Both couples interact each other, if I have understood it right, the 2 Windows 10 versions in dark and light and also the other 2 normal versions in dark and light (maybe that's the reason why the unzipped folders have another look in Windows Explorer than I know that from folders).
If I prepare that all, then I have to make also a new subfolder inside of the main folders in my documents, sorted by the dates. I have already some working versions of studio.nxf there.
You have done a good work!... :)
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You got it right, enjoy it!
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