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TR2 ~HD Textures preview [Menu]

Thanks to Peixotos wonderful tool, I just had to retexture this game :heart:

TR2 can look pretty sweet with a levels with HQ textures, so I'm liking so far hehe
Anyways, here is what the main menu background will look like :D Though textures on the objects and the font aren't final, the background is ^^ And I'll have 2 version, one version a more autentic 4:3 aspect radio, and another 16:9 so it won't looks streched on widesreen monitors :D

And yes, I will release a demo eventually, as soon as I replace some more texxtures I already made between levels. This copying and pasting bussiness can get boring and very confusing sometimes haha.
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It's just wonderful! Can you share just the background without the passport, photo, keys and walkman? I would like put it in desktop background. It's totally fantastic/awesome to see the main menu of my favorite game in HD... <3 What did you mean by "just had to retexture this game"? You have redo all textures? Can we play with them? It should be really great... =0
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I had to look twice, i thought it was the actual loading screen. Awesome work!Clap :happybounce: 
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LOL thanks! :D

As you can see, I'm making as close to the original as possible, trying to change only the overall quality! heehe
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There really good! look forward to seeing more Clap :happybounce: 
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Thank you very much! :D
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it looks fucking amazing! Cant wait! Buuuut... Is there anyway you can change the background stuff? Like the lara picture... and the headset, numbers and the passport? It'll be really sweet if they would be hD aswell :)
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Thanks Milo :huggle:

The Lara picture is actually already updated. I posed her in XNALara again and made it as close to the original as possible. if you pay close attention to the original, you'll see her colours are really off... like if she was made in 8/16 bit colour you know?? I might make a version with a HD Lara someday but first I woud have to finish the levels lol

And the stuff you in the inventory unfortunatly can't be changed, as 90% of the textures used in the objects there are only 1pixel wide textures. So not much I can do about it really. I can change the photo and the passport's cover and here and there other textures from the rest of the objects, but that's pretty much it really.
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Aww ok, still looks awesome ;)
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