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Right now, I'm calm
Right now, I'm calm,

Although I wasn't so calm, while ago.
It was such a busy time,
No matter how much you wanted to stop it,
It just kept going,
And I had to follow it and do my things,
In a proper way, for my future sake.
You may think, it's laughable to say such thing,
'Calm? How, when life is such a fast, restless road?
But mark my word, it is not a joke,
Nor a lie.
Now I'm calm, like I was never alive.
I've done all the doings I was supposed to,
All the things they requested me to do.
Even if the ending result isn't perfect,
I'm satisfied.
I can't waver on 'My dear, it could have been better.'
I'm too tired, and proud above all,
For that.
I gave my very best,
So how could I feel sorry for the end result?
It is all good, as long as it goes.
My calm time will end soon, I can feel it,
The happiness when it's
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Chapter One of Ordinary Life
I wanted to take this opportunity and say 'Thank you' for reading this chapter. Normaly, a writer doesn't need to thank his readers through a simple line like that, but to show his graditude with his or hers piece of art. I'm not that sure this will be successful enough to give my thanks to you, so I decided to adress my thanks this way.
I first wanted to write a fantasy fictional story, but somehow my imagination bumps with mind boundries - meaning: I'm not that imaginative as you may assume. Also, I had several characters in mind, but couldn't connect them properly. I guess every beginner must be feeling this way. So to make things simple, I've decided to write about everything that crosses my mind. For instance, the weather. It is currently raining heavily and I don't think my dog will be lucky enough to enjoy his half-an-hour walk. So he must be quite depressed. Oh well, it's not my fault anyway. Just to be safe, I closed all windows in the house cuz no one like their house to be f
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I said I hate literature
I said I hate literature,
And it didn't fell wrong at that time,
To say such a lie, when it makes me read
The stuff that is far from the literature,
Always and anyway.
She asked me is it only the common one,
Or all the theory books about it,
And coldly I said: I hate it all.
Always and anyway.
Really, there isn't much to enjoy,
Learning about their lives, boring and short.
It makes me sick to find out in which hospitals
Or wrecks their so call existence was born.
Always and anyway.
Also, their 'life works' - what's so special about it?
Just because they wrote long ago,
About happy and unright world around,
Does it really make it worth calling it an artwork?
(More like an artcrime.)
Always and anyway.
I don't really hate that much,
As much I like the fact that
Something like that is common to be hated by kids,
Most grownups and elderly without wings.
Always and anyway.
Why did I say I hate it?
Just to hide the crazy feeling around,
When I write, because,
Why would they know that about m
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I'm waiting for you
I'm waiting for you,
I'm waiting for you,
I guess I should have known,
That this was love, afterall.
I'm waiting for your kiss,
I'm losing sense in bliss,
I'm waiting for you to return,
Even though your life has...burned.
I was so dense, back then,
That I didn't see your flame,
The flame of love! 
(chorus: that isn't burning anymore)
The flame of love! 
(chorus: that perished long ago)
Yet, now I know, I know all and long,
That you were meant for me,
And I didn't even care.
I'm waiting for you,
I'm waiting for you,
I guess I should have known,
That this was love, afterall.      2x
Those careless times we spent,
I didn't even appreciate,
You were always by my side,
Warming my heart without me realising.
I feel tremendnes cold,
It wraps my heart, so much it snows,
It snows, inside of me...and forever it will!
I'm waiting for you,
I'm waiting for you,
I guess I should have known,
That this was love, afterall.      2x
I'm sitting next to you,
:iconviclamproc:viclamproc 2 0
Joy of studying
It's not that I don't like it,
But the fact I find it as tiring as hell.
The fact that there is so much to learn,
And yet it's not only that,
But the effort that will be tested
When you think you are done.

My sleepy eyes can't see much,
Of the paper in front of me,
Yet I try to memorize the definitions
And uses too,
For you may not know,
What could be false or true.

So many data, so many charts,
So many unimportant details behind.
And don't you dare to think,
Forgetting is just a joke,
For your test score may be low;
And some measure knowledge by gained points in a row.

What use do you have, knowing it all,
While using it in real life,
Makes no sense at all?
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I'm gonna be alone
Oh what do they say,
What do they ask me to!
All the things, they say
I'm supposed to do!
Oh why do they cringe,
When I'm a disobedient sheep?
Oh why I'm living,
This life so glory, yet cheap?
I was born under a lucky star,
Yet I feel like it's just a burden of mine.
Every day they treat me like a hime-sama,
But I just wanna be alone,
Like a lonely queen of drama! 
I'm gonna be alone,
I'm gonna escape to the unknown world,
I'm gonna get rid of them all! (Oh yes I will!)
I'm want to be alone,
Just to make my way,
Because when they cage me up,
I just wanna devour them all! (2x)
Many of them are envious of me,
But would they be if they'd know,
How I'm suffocating, every day,
Even more than before!
I wonder how would they feel,
Knowing freedom is just a sweet dream!
I'm gonna be alone,
I'm gonna escape to the unknown world,
I'm gonna get rid of them all! (Oh yes I will!)
I'm want to be alone,
Just to make my way,
Because when they cage me up,
I just wanna devour them all! (2x)
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No matter where you go,
No matter where you live,
No matter where you escape,
You can't beat the fact you're cursed,
To live in such __________ world.
They call it the center of the world,
Europe of course,
With so many nations and so many lives,
How can one even get the point,
Of all the power and lies?
So many people, so many cities,
Yet I'm not sure how they manage
To live together, on such a small continent.
They differ in so many things,
And history teaches us so many facts,
But is it really necessary, to know all that,
To understand their cultural tracks?
I don't know so many things, but I do know that every nation has:
A few good people, 
A few nice ones, 
A few smart characters, 
A few pretty faces,
A few ugly ones,
And an ocean of bad souls.
I know for a fact, this poem makes no sense at all, 
But how would you describe,
So many people, in such
Few words?
I'm sorry for being oh-so-little creative,
And lazy with that too,
But I can't seem to put
:iconviclamproc:viclamproc 1 31
For her
For her I work hard,
To ease her pain,
And let the beautiful experiences
Touch her, as they
Touch me as well.
For her I give my best,
To achieve my ambitious goals,
For that will enable me,
To do everything and make her
Suffer less than before.
I will try until I succeed,
Because she did the same for me,
And stands with her head up to the sky,
Even when weight of life seems
Too big to be carried anymore.
I won't ever forget,
Nor I will feel burdened by knowing
My duty as something precious to her.
I will not fall and never get up,
Nor I will cry in front of her sight.
For she did all that,
To make me believe,
Each and every day,
Each and every night,
That fulfilling your dreams,
Is so important to be truly bright.
I don't think I could care for anybody,
More than I do for her.
But, I might be wrong,
For life is very unpredictable,
And who knows what Sun will bring,
Maybe someone similar to her.
I think what I will regret the most,
Isn't the time I lost,
Or the time I spent working hard
:iconviclamproc:viclamproc 1 3
Request for Novembering: I play with hearts

I know what I look like,
To frighten you, it must be a joke,
For I'm just a little girl,
Yet, not far from dangerous, 
For I am h e a r t l e s s,
And I happily play with what I don't have.

I will make you think I'm nice and cute,
Dark beauty, wrapped in puff-laced black dress,
You won't even realise,
The mask I wear is just a charade,
For I play with pure hearts,
And don't even care to regret.

The black eyeliner I proudly wear
And ruby red lips that remind of blood,
They are all yours to behold.
But be aware, if anything,
That my gothic side,
Is more powerful than my lolita self.

You connect the dots of your life,
So proudly and ambitiously,
Even making everyone else ashamed of their darker self.
But I'm your opposite side, I'm your deadly opponent,
Who plays with your heart, 
:iconviclamproc:viclamproc 1 9
Night of Vampires
I slowly close my eyes,
Before I start to cry,
When I see you in my arms,
The redness on your scars.
I turned into a monster,
Silly thinking of liberty,
Powerful even,
But I'm nothing than just
A monster creature (of the night).
This is the night, 
Of us, shiny, blood sucking,
Vampire knights!
Vampire knights!
This is the darkness,
Of our monster being,
Yet we do not hide,
What our true intentions are. 
I walk down this devious road,
Hoping it won't hurt more,
What I am and what I do,
Could I even help you too?
But for the moment there,
I do recall,
This life has no more meaning,
Just like blitz I will devour,
All the life in this zero hour!
This is the night, 
Of us, shiny, blood sucking,
Vampire knights!
Vampire knights!
This is the darkness,
Of our monster being,
Yet we do not hide,
What our true intentions are. 
Yet, I cannot hide,
What Monster I had become,
To truly set me free,
Will you, become, my meal supreme? 
:iconviclamproc:viclamproc 1 0
Lonely heart
Hey my lonely heart,
I am missing you...
Of all the lonely ones,
You're my only true...
Empty souls floatin' in the air,
They don't know,
How much tears we shed,
On our lonely, humble bed.
And we cry, oh we cry,
Singing songs of lonely hearts... 2x
Hey my beloved one,
I am missing you...
When I smile,
I always think of you...
People make fun of us,
Like our love is, just a joke,
Yet, they don't know,
How much tears we shed,
On our lonely, humble bed.
And we cry, oh we cry,
Singing songs of lonely hearts... 2x
Hey my immortal one,
I am loving you,
Always and forever,
'till I can breathe,
And in the afterlife...
I will you,
My lonely heart...
And we cry, oh we cry,
Singing songs of lonely hearts... 2x
And in the afterlife...
I will you,
My lonely heart...
:iconviclamproc:viclamproc 3 0
A couple of sinful (part 2)
My breathing is getting heavier. I can't move. I try to look down, but then I hear it calling my name. I look up, to see that the creature is similling, with no bad intentions on the surface. But I can't let my guard down, not just yet. I still need to conquer it. I still need to survive...
As I collect my strength from every possible place in my body and within my soul, I make another step. Now, the creature is right in front of my eyes, directly looking at me. I close my eyes for a second to ease my fear and with one shot I have, I quickly gather the strength and hit with my arm, as hard as I can. For a moment there I felt lucky that I could even get to this point, but that moment soon ends when the creature grabs my arm. It doesn't hurt, but I feel the fear even greater than it was before. The creature slowly moves it's face to mine and smiles again. 
'Haven't you heard that the evil always wins?' it says with most pleasant, yet dark voice you could ever hear.
'No, but I've hea
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A couple of sinful
I open the door and see it - there it is. All alone, in it's magnificent and nameless beauty. Looking at me. Calling my name. Calling my soul to come and taste it. I close the door behind with both of my arms behind my back. I look at it for a second, and then turn my look to the floor. It's so pretty, I can't even hold my eyes on it for too long - it would be too much of an assault. I slowly walk towards it. It's still calling me, smiling and seducing me. But I don't look at it, oh no! It would be too disrespectful. With every step I make, I'm well aware of a sin I'm doing, but I don't really care. It can devour me, I don't really mind. I exist only in this moment, so I don't care. As I'm coming closer, I can feel the darkness touching my body, very gently, like it's going to devour me with giving me pleasure. I enjoy every second of it. As I make the last step, I stop. I'm in front of it. There is no looking back right now. I'm dead as it is.    
:iconviclamproc:viclamproc 3 4
Question to myself
I ask myself this many times,
Why do I write only when 
I feel sad or burdened?
Lonely or tired?
Uneasy or pissed off?
How come can inspiration come
Only when I feel and look like
A dark crow, looking and being
A vulture of human's souls?
Is it because my soul is originally
As dark as the darkest corner of hell,
Or is it just the uneasiness of 
A writer's soul in pain?
I don't think a writer is hiding inside my dark,
But something unknown, undiscovered,
Certainly is, and it's troubling me, sometimes.
I guess I'll never know, but
I will always wonder and assume,
How I can be so ignorant
In the darkest corner of my doom...
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Lets write something angry
Today was a stupid day. Yeah, a stupid day. 
I've been all alone the whole day and no one talked to me. Even my dog pays no attention, doesn't chase the ball I throw. Isn't as excited as he used to be when he first saw me few months before.
Today is such a boring day. I did nothing productive. I have plenty of stuff to do, but am lazy to do them all at once, all at once. 
Yesterday was a much better day. I watched dramas all day and enjoyed it. I liked how people talk to each other. Not like me today, who talked silence another.
Today is such a frustrating day. I tried to talk to my friend, but she didn't respond to my message. She didn't even see it, I could bet.
Today I'm so angry that no one notices me. No one cares how I feel. But yet, I still have the nerve to write this. It's so stupid, I know, but you cannot deny that, sometimes,
you feel like this too, John Doe...
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Tomorrow's gonna be a new day
Tomorrow's gonna be, a new day,
I like the fact that it's, gonna rain,
I like the fact that I am, gonna do,
All the things, that I couldn't, 
Shouldn't do.
Tomorrow's gonna be, a shiny day,
I'll walk down the path, 
That will never fade away,
Oh, I'll do,
All the things, that I couldn't, 
Shouldn't do.
Tomorrow's gonna be, a joyful day,
All the wars are gonna stop,
Cuz they make no sense,
Oh, I'll make sure to do,
All the things that I couldn't, 
Shouldn't do.
You, yes you, 
May not trust a word I say.
But hey, who said that miracles,
Can't happen in a day? x2
Tomorrow world will be, a new place,
People will gather, to stand against,
All the things that ain't right,
And it will be just, like the bright, clear light.
You, yes you, 
May not trust a word I say.
But hey, who said that miracles,
Can't happen in a day? 
:iconviclamproc:viclamproc 7 2

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viclamproc's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist
I was never a person who liked being labled or fitting in a mold. I am an individual and that's who I plann to stay for the rest of my life (looks like haters gonna hate me :), but I couldn't care less).

Some of you may find my English a bit weird, but that's OK, concerning that English isn't my mother language.

What can I say? Well, I have many hobbies: drawing, dancing, writing stories, researching about things that attract my attention (such as cosplay and Japan - LOL I may even be an otaku xD). Unfortunately, I don't have much free time because of my school obligations and, sometimes, I'm just lazy :P
I like people who have many interests and their own opinion about certain things (not being like others).

Anyway, I'm quite reasonable and friendly, but just so you know - I don't like hanging out with stupid people who don't have a clue about life and what's going on around them - i't so exhausting sometimes. I don't want to sound rude, but it's like I'm wasting my time with them, and I appreciate my time very much.

I'm sometimes brutally honest, which may be the reason why I don't have many friends. I think it's better that way, because the people who are my friends accept me for who I am and don't find my points of view weird. I'm grateful for my friends, because having true friends it's like having a treasure.

So, to finish off, there's only one opinion you can have about me - either hate me or like me.

And what do I think about art?
I know what I'm about to say will sound clichéd, but it's not about how many techniques you know, it's about how you feel when you make art. For me, I don't know any techinques and I use only my hand and try to recreate the art that I like very much a.k.a. anime. Even if the character or certain scene seems too hard to draw, I have confidence that it will turn out great. And if I lack of that, I just keep on going cuz I'm eager to see the result. Trust me, it only takes time and effort to make beautiful art, not the number of techniques.
Also, I write, yes, write when I get inspiration for it. Sometimes I write about life, but more often I write about fiction. I don't submit all of my works here, just because I don't think all of them hold equal value. Yes, everything has a value, especially art, but I'm perfectionist so I post only the stuff I believe are the best I can give.

Art, for me, is a hobby that makes me perhaps a better, brighter person, and allows different perspectives to be shown. As for the community on dA, every deviant who gives me something, gets that in return as well.

I like to support and be supported :)

P.S. Tnx for reading ;)
They say there is that certain moment in your life when you need to grow up. For me, that was today.

Humans are the foulest creatures on this planet. They lie, steal, betray, stab and simply don't care at all. You could be waiting for something important to happen, for them to react, but they can leave you out there, waiting for hours, not feeling any sense of empathy at all. They will drag you from one place to another, not having in mind that your limbs are bleeding from so much walking. They will ask for collegiality and even when you give it to them, they won't say 'thank you'. They will even dare to slap you in front of everyone. Even if you have it hardest, they will still find a way to humiliate you more.

But you know what? People are pawns.
Pawns you can use however you please. For me, I'm done being a good person, I've lived half my life like that and truth to be told, I fucking don't care about manners anymore. From this day on, I will live my life so I can give myself more pleasure for as long as I shall live. Because my ego doesn't allow me otherwise, I will use those humans, their feelings and everything they have, so I can crush them and please myself. I will use and abuse any means necessary just to have my way. For all I know, I'm not even the person I used to be before.

I told that to people close to me, but they don't understand. They say bullshit like 'hey, that's life, get used to it.', but they are wrong. So wrong that in their poor and petty lives they don't see how easily I can manipulate them. Yes, I will do my best to become the master of manipulation. The best of the best. And to achieve that, I will excel in almost everything you can think of - I will become the perfect human. But little does everyone know is that is just a facade. Inside, I'm gonna be a monster full of anger and malice. My monster side will crush and kill all of them who will think so fondly of me. It's a perfect plan.

And yes, I'm a sociopath. But I am fine with that, as long as it pleases me and destroys others. I'm the monster everyone neglects and holds no fear. But all that will change soon.

I will die one day, and I fear not of the aftermath, for I do not believe there is hell after this life. Life is hell enough, so might as well live as you please till your days are numbered.


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