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All basic questions regarding my studio's Button/Magnet products can be found here. Also a great hub for dropping more questions. Meow :3



How much are your buttons?
$2 USD each.

Do you ship outside the U.S.?
Not at this time.

How much is shipping?

Depends on your location. Will be determined upon order.
You can special request priority mail, which will also be extra.

When will I receive my order?
About 4 business days for U.S. residents. When shipped, I will notify you the approximate date.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Only Paypal at this time.

How do I order?
Send me a deviantART Note Note and we can discuss the details.
Don't have a DeviantART account?
Email rainytalestudio (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Is there a minimum order?
Unfortunately, yes.
YOU MUST purchase a minimum of 3 buttons or magnets when ordering. Of course you can also order more than 3 if you like.
Sorry for this inconvenience. They are a small and low-cost product, and are better sold in groups.

Do the magnets cost more than the buttons?
No, silly! Same size, same designs, same price.

Can I buy buttons and magnets interchangeably?
Yes! You can absolutely order a set with any number of buttons or magnets as you like. (Such as two buttons and one magnet.) It's also a great excuse to order the same design twice!


How big are your buttons and magnets?
1 1/2".

You should make buttons from X series!
Maybe! Just ask. 

May I order other crafts/art from your gallery?

Yes! Anything you see in my gallery can be for sale, just ask. From charms to paper children to digital art prints! Anything you see is free reign. 

Do you sell these buttons at conventions?
Ya DARN TOOTIN I do. At Anime and Comic Conventions, you can see me in person and say hi! (And of course you can also buy magnets, charms, badges, prints... the usual fun stuff!) You can ask me via comment or note if you want to know if I am going to a con specifically, though I usually update about that. ;) (Wink) (U.S. North Western areas.)

Will my buttons have those obnoxious watermarks over them?
No. The invasive watermarks are for online display only. Art theft is real, unfortunately. 

...There's not very many buttons in your gallery?
Sets shall be added to the gallery gradually, and this FAQ will be updated periodically alongside those.

Small parts, not for children under 3. 
Products are hand made and may vary slightly.

Thanks for reading!
-Rainytale Studio-
Button Gallery:
My Little Pony Set by VickyViolet  Gravity Falls Set by VickyViolet  Shipping Dolls Buttons by AkiAmeko  Five Nights at Freddy's Set by VickyViolet  FNAF the Sequels Set by VickyViolet  Undertale Friends Set by VickyViolet  Undertale 'Frienemies' Set by VickyViolet  Lesser Dog Set by VickyViolet  Cute Set by VickyViolet
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June 11, 2017


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