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COMIC SINS - Ch. 22 Awoken
Chapter 22. Awoken
Dust hovered throughout the air, gliding ever gentle to the stillness of the room. Darkness crawled in the corners as beams of marigold light poured in, creating a warm shower of colors illuminating the corridor. Vibrant tiles reflected the figures housed within, whom had all but destroyed the beautiful refuge in their personal wars. A calm after a storm.
Lying on the ground just beside a crumbling column laid two small children, their clothing ragged and dirtied from their conflicts. Both unconscious, one wore thin hand-me-down pajamas; attire only appropriate for night time. The other child laid underneath the first, wearing a very torn up knitted sweater; one that was once a periwinkle blue with two horizontal stripes, now faded from wear. Aside from their differentiating clothing, the two children bore the same face, like identical twins.
Several yards away from the sleeping pair sat an entirely different figure. A monster who had begun to stir before the
:iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 7 0
Demitri Designs by VickyViolet Demitri Designs :iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 12 0 HAT KID - dance test by VickyViolet HAT KID - dance test :iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 26 15 SANS - dance test by VickyViolet SANS - dance test :iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 54 16 PYRRHA - dance test by VickyViolet PYRRHA - dance test :iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 26 13 HostTale AU part 1 by VickyViolet HostTale AU part 1 :iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 17 0 Name' Designs by VickyViolet Name' Designs :iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 14 4 Mothers by VickyViolet Mothers :iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 10 2 Tomo Stream by VickyViolet Tomo Stream :iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 16 3 SmudgeAndFrank by VickyViolet SmudgeAndFrank :iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 11 4
COMIC SINS - Ch. 21 Wisdom
Chapter 21. Wisdom
In the vast abyss, the air seemed to have all but gone away. Attempting to breathe once more, a small child clenched their chest, floating in the void. In the sea of black and white, a figure stood, equal in stature to the innocent one. A silhouette of dancing pixels whose face could hardly be seen. A lost soul whose voice could barely be heard.
The child called Frisk began to move their lips in hopes that a sound would come out, although they were not entirely sure that they wanted it to. "Well..." Their voice shook. "You would never do that..." The child's voice growing more hoarse as they proceeded. "You would never kill people… right?"
A cluster of static flickered uncontrollably, its rational thought shaking just as heavily. "Frisk," The lost soul admitted sadly. "...that's what I said, too." The black and white stripes of the soul's shirt quivered, and it raised up its arms, holding itself for stability. "You wouldn'
:iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 1 2
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:bulletpurple: 25 / Female / Idaho / Mormon ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
:bulletblack: Artist / Cartoonist / Cosplayer / Writer / Gamer / Cheeky Scrub
:bulletpurple: July 16 / Cancer / Rooster
:bulletblack: Demi-Heterosexual / Flaming Biromantic

:bulletpurple: Myer's Briggs: INFP - Mediator
:bulletblack: Favorite Pokemon: Jumpluff and Wooper
:bulletpurple: Undertale Soul Color: Yellow / Justice
:bulletblack: Favorite Mabel Sweater: Sweater sweater
:bulletpurple: Psychonauts PSI Power: Levitation
:bulletblack: Inside Out Emotion: Anger
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:bulletblack: Triforce Piece: Wisdom
:bulletpurple: Avatar Nation: Air
:bulletblack: Soul Eater class: Meister
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:bulletblack: Ilvermorny House: Thunderbird

Some of My Art
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Princess Tutu by AkiAmeko All My Possessions by silver-dragonetsu G-Bean by Katie-May-sews-stuff markiplier Colored by YukiKatsumi early birthday present for vicky violet by kami892

Favourite genre of music: Dubstep, Dancestep, Electronic, EDM, Rock, Metal, Classical, Video Game

Favorite Quotes:
"Sometimes isolation is a good thing. It can lead to... important discoveries." - Agent Nein

"My family has this problem with water. It's a bunch a hooey anyway. Some old gypsy curse about how we're all supposed to die in water... if you can believe that..." - Razputin Aquato

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:bulletred: You are not authorized to use my art without my permission.

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Eyyyyyyyyy look, a video I made like 3 years ago and only just recently uploaded.
QUESTION: Do you think it's wrong for someone to make fanart for a video game that they haven't played?
Sooooo sorry I haven't been uploading. Been occupied prepping for my BIG convention, which has already passed, and I'm still recovering from all the exhaustion... Even after the con, there are still tons of projects in need of my attention that I have been neglecting. =_=
I have some art that's ready to go, but there are other pieces I want to upload FIRST that are not even finished yet... So when outdated meme parodies hit my gallery, that's usually why. (Hint: one is on the way.) 
Are you a fan of Animated Stories? Unfinished Homework 
YouTubers such as Domics, JaidenAnimations, or theodd1sout? Srsly? Jaiden Animations Icon Theodd1sout Chat Emoticon 
If you are, and are also a fan of me, you should be excited to hear that I'm about to start my own series! You can check out my channel now to get ahead of the crowd.…
Doing bad mentally right now. Expect another hiatus. 
Name a character you'd like to see animated. 
Sorry I haven't uploaded in a while. I've been undergoing some physical and mental illness in the past week or so. It's been pretty bad. Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things soon. But just knowing people look forward to my work is more encouraging than you could know, so be sure to tell me that, I guess.

Also give support to the crazy people who just did Inktober this year. Those guys rock. 
I'm gonna be hitting the 800 Watcher count soon, yayyyy! Just telling y'all now that when that happens, I'm gonna feature people who are frequent commenters on my art. So now you know. You can cheat now. Suspicious Potato 

Also I've lost six watchers in the past month, where are you all going...? ;_;



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