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A few weekends ago I attended Otakuthon in Montreal, Quebec (Canada). It is hands-down one of my favourite Canadian cons and I always make an effort to debut something special there. It is located right in downtown Montreal, so I always feel like I'm in a combination of con/vacation. Montreal is also a very beautiful city with plenty of elegant and regal shoot locations.

TL/DR Below


Thursday turned into a bit of a nightmare and I'll tell you why:

-A worked on my Dark Elf costume all the way until 6AM
-I woke up around 9 AMish to prep for departure and allotted about 1 hour to pack
-I end up being in the shower for an hour doing who knows what (contemplating the universe? dozing off?)
-When I got out I saw a text from Yume-ka in panic mode because she forgot her skirt for Chise and she was already on a bus to leave Montreal (she knew I was taking a later departure)
-To get the skirt I would have to detour to a different part of Toronto before I could head downtown to catch my bus.
-The detour would cost me about an hour factoring in average traffic in Toronto
-I could choose to be a selfish prick and not attempt to help my friend and make sure I was covered myself (remember...I had 2 empty suitcases still), or I could do anything in my power to make sure that skirt was in my hands and on the bus with me
-I think it's pretty obvious what kind of choice I made (I hope)
-10 minutes to pack ALL THE THINGS. FUN! /sarcasm
-My dad pretty much drove above the speed limit all around Toronto to make sure we could grab the skirt from Yume's mom, and get me to the bus terminal on time. Thanks Dad.
-An hour into the bus ride from Toronto to Montreal I realized I pretty much forgot half my leg armor, and my wig for Dark Elf among other minor things
-I came close to saying "screw it" but I also wasn't going to be a let down to KakeranoTsuki who was entering the masquerade with me as Light Elf
-My mind had all of the 6 hour bus ride to go into cosplay survival mode and think of how I was going to rectify the situation
-Luckily I had a friend in Montreal, Thornrose, who I texted to pick up some black craft foam before I met up with him for dinner. I was determined to work some miracles with that black craft foam

After arriving and settling down at the hotel in Montreal, I met up with Thornrose who gave me the craft foam and we went off to La Banquise for some DELICIOUS poutine. After that poutine I felt like everything was going to be fine.


I worked on my Dark Elf cosplay for a lot of the morning. I finished the gauntlets, sewed the collar piece, and cut out pieces to redo the leg armor. I didn't have that much time to work though since I had to budget time to transform into Astharoshe. KakeranoTsuki had a few Trinity Blood shoots scheduled on Friday and I also had to go into the Dealer's room to buy a new white wig >.>

Our shoot with alucardleashed went really well and I absolutely love the first preview photo he sent us:

Glory of the Empire by vickybunnyangel

EnchantedCupcake Also shot with us in our Trinity Blood costumes and I can't wait to see those photos!

After the shoot I enjoyed some quality time with fellow Toronto cosplayers: RocknamLee, scapegoated, straywind, Angathol, and Sierra. ckdecember also tagged along which was nice! The organic Salmon dish I had was amazing!

I don't recall sleeping at all on Friday. Kakera came over to my hotel room to help me finish off the scymitars :heart:


Mostly a blur for me due to the lack of sleep. I "woke up" really early to start painting my entire body grey for Dark Elf. My two awesome roomies, meameaa and Kristina pitched in to make sure I was grey from head to toe.

As soon as I got changed into Dark Elf, I met up with KakeranoTsuki to prowl the halls of the Palais Des Congres and find an available photographer to shoot us. Boy did we get stopped for photos non stop! Even though I was kind of in a daze I still remembered to stop by Artist Alley to say hello to a long-time deviant friend, AyumiNazu. She has supported my cosplay since the beginning, plus she was wearing the kanzashi I made for her as a Kiriban prize so I HAD to drop by to see that too!


No Preview

Luckily, Eleventh Photograph had some free time and was willing to walk with us outside of the convention center to shoot at the perfect location that I had in mind. The photos turned out great!

Chiaroscuro by vickybunnyangel

After the shoot, we rushed our butts to the Masquerade Green room. That was one of the most frustrating few minutes of the entire weekend. We got some misdirection from con staff but we eventually found the room just in time and avoided disqualification.

We worked really hard to practice our skit in the green room. I was insistent that we wouldn't be doing slow-mo sword fighting, and there would be a surprise at the end. No matter how much we practised, we did miss an audio cue or two when we were actually on stage. Bummer. However I believe the surprise ending redeemed the skit.

Watch it here: youtu.be/akHG6Wv1OEY?t=8m4s

Normally I would feel like dropping dead after a masquerade, but I scheduled a night shoot with solartempest in front of the iconic fire fountain. From what I saw from his viewfinder after the shoot, I can only tell you to expect some major epicness. It really did cheer Kakera and I up since we're both perfectionists and were a bit depressed about the slip-ups at the masq.


I didn't bother to cosplay on Sunday and just wandered around in civilian clothing. I did wear my San wig to hide my unstyled real hair. A lot of people thought it was my real hair ahahaha.

During the Masquerade Award ceremony I found out that Kakera and I won "Best Theatrics" in the Master Division for our Lineage II skit. That was great!

I got a chance to properly chat and catch up with Cosplay in America, and I said good bye to a lot of my friends who were leaving on Sunday.

Sunday night was when the real fun began! Tormantor, and YunaDaKilla took Jack and I to this amazing Medieval themed restaurant called Auberge du Dragon Rouge. It felt like we stepped into another world. The service was great, the ambience they created was authentic, and the food was uber delicious. I had a blast regardless of the language barrier.


Monday marked home time and after breakfast with Solartempest, Sakura,Tormantor, and Yunadakilla; and a mini tour of the Old Port, Jack and I departed Montreal for Toronto.

I really wish I could've stayed longer in Montreal, but I had to work Tuesday morning.


:heart: Friends come first
:heart: When it's crunch time in the hotel room, cosplay miracles happen
:heart: La Banquise makes the best poutine
:heart: Lineage II with KakeranoTsuki was awesome! We won Best Theatrics in the Master Division at the masquerade
:heart: Dinner Sunday night at Auberge du Dragon Rouge was AMAZING even though I'm not fluent in French and had no idea what was going on half the time

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Henrickson's avatar
Many thanks to you & *alucardleashed for keeping my secret cosplay secret! I managed to fool so many people that day, it was really fun! :) Congrats on your Masq award too! :trophy:
KakeranoTsuki's avatar
D'awww Vicky. ;3; I'm so glad you didn't say "screw it"~ It would've worked somehow if I went for masq by myself, but it was way more fun with silkscarfblood. :'D I've almost forgotten about the slip-ups now, LOL.

Hnnng need more artery-clogging goodness. Meng and I were so hungry that night that we could've probably finished a large T-rex each. =P
Seena-Cha's avatar
im glad to hear you had fun =D
I cant wait to go next year <3
Marie-Ange-the-Celt's avatar
Wow, you rushed it but it NEVER looked like it ! Loved seeing you on the stage once again, but I'm sad I couldn't get a hold of you and say hi !

Lucky girl going to Le Dragon Rouge.. That's funny, my little cousin was there at the same time as you! haha
Yume-ka's avatar
YOU ARE MY LIFESAVER GIRL. I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH. I feel super bad that you had to rush and forgot a bunch of things =( I owe you big time!!! Next time you need a big favor, just say the word =)
Naria-hime's avatar
I missed you there (because I was in rehearsal for a play, so I only prowled the outside of the con for an hour or two). But I am thrilled to hear you enjoyed your stay in Montreal! As a Montreal cosplayer, it always feels good to hear nice things about Otakuthon! :heart: And about the Auberge du Dragon Rouge: I live right around the corner from it! It's an awesome place!!! :squee: They have a sister restaurant though, called le Cabaret du Roy, which is an awesome Pirate Den in the Old Port of Montreal, which I highly recommend! :heart:
VideoKozo's avatar
You looked tired saterday night ...but you still make great pics...

i wish i had more time with you to interview you longer...and properly.

this was my first Otakuthon and i loved it.. except for sunday noon when i got a migraine....
icevalkyrie7's avatar
you survived I hope you at least got to enjoy it. I on the other hand was running wild @_@
x-mywishingstar's avatar
I'm so glad you had fun! I keep meaning to head over to Otakuthon, but always seem to miss it. Perhaps next year!
oOMewCookieOo's avatar
I'm amazed that you fixed up so much on your Elf cosplay in so little time!! The ending of your skit was really cool. : D I can't even imagine painting my entire body grey, ugh...I get fed up with just my face and neck.
Vamp-Elanor's avatar
I'm glad to hear you had a good time!! It's too bad that I didn't see you for all the weekend except for that one time Friday when you were taking pictures as Astharoshe with the queen with the huge white dress *o* Your skit was very cool! Such a good idea for the kill, too :)
BlizzardTerrak's avatar

I need to go there, me thinks X__X;
LiquidCocaine-Photos's avatar
Wow! That is quite an adventure and a half you had! I'm glad you managed to get everything to work out, despite the hiccups.
Congrats on the Best Theatrics win!!
So sad I never got to see you or Jack that weekend, but you guys seemed really busy anyways. :)
Can't wait to see how the rest of your shoots turned out. :D
simakai's avatar
Next time you come you should try the Poutineville and compare with la Banquise...^^

And I feel sad for not seeing you at all in the Green Room! T_T
CelticSakura's avatar
I saw you like 5 minutes in the metro ;__; Hope that we have more time next time xD
AyumiNazu's avatar
Wow! Your schedule was so packed!
I'm so happy that you still remembered to come visit me at my table :glomp:
I hope you can take a break and catch up on some sleep now ^_^
See you next year :D
trixyloupwolf's avatar
and i saw you just a brif instant =_= why are we so busy there<3
loki555's avatar
It allways good to see Vicky ^_^ I wished that i could have taken a picture of your dark elf costume :(
Midnight-Dance-Angel's avatar
I'm glad you enjoyed Otakuthon despite being sleep deprived :)

I'm sad I missed you though. I saw Kakera Sunday, but not you D:
vickybunnyangel's avatar
Good to see you Lexy!!
pohcbSonic's avatar
sounds like major rushy days for ya. aye.
vickybunnyangel's avatar
indeed it was! But it still ended up being a super awesome con
pohcbSonic's avatar
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