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Symphonic Beauty

Arcade Sona from League of Legends
Costume made and modeled by me
Prop created by my cos partner Tricky Love

Photographed by Tomestorung at Frostcon 2013

I duo queue with Tricky Love in LoL where I main support and he's ADC. I liked using Sona, and this was Tricky Love's favourite skin so we collaborated on making this costume happen. The wig is a custom dyed gradient and started off as completely white. Not interesting much to say about the sewn parts of the costume since it was all pretty straight forward for me.

The arcade stick is made from pink insulation foam, and splits off into 3 parts so we can travel with it (we fly with it as checked baggage and have had no issues so far). Thick cardstock covers the foam like a shell, and Tricky Love used magnets so that the joysticks could actually pivot around. The buttons ARE NOT Staples Easy buttons XD (I get that question a lot) they are LED push lights.
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You look really gorgeous here as Sona. 
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How did you make these awesome gloves?
Rosy cute stare 
yukireba's avatar
Where did you get those gloves :)
you're stunning
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Love the colors.
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So beautiful!!
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good job! im actually looking to do an arcade sona for next year! :3 what did you make your stars out of?
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This is awesome! I was planning to go as Arcade Sona next year at Momocon (2014). I wanted to figure out how to have the keyboard on some sort of harness so it looks almost like it's floating.:eager:
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That wig is a freaking masterpiece. The outfit really came together. :3 Well done~.

By the by, do those LEDs still light up? Or are they totally opaque?
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the bright colours really suit you!! this whole costume is great :)
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nice so colorful!!
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ah that's clever the LDC push lights and dying the wig like that.. pretty awesome you look great
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That's actually brilliant to make it in three parts :nod: And really wonderfully crafted! You look absolutely amazing :#1:
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