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Character: Homura Akemi
Source: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Cosplay made and modelled by Me

Samsara is the continuous flow of life, time - an endless cycle. It is the cycle in which beings are trapped in to forever die and be reborn again until the day we reach our nirvana.

I spent a lot of time tailoring my Homura costume and making sure the proportions for the collar, triangle things, skirt length, etc. are right. With such a simple costume design, it's a lot harder to hide imperfections.

Homura's hair is a dark greyish black, and not jet black, so I took a dark grey wig and dyed it with a bit of purplish black sharpie dye to darken it a bit to get Homura's hair colour. You can't really see it in this photo, but other photos of Homura the wig photographs more grey than black.

My hand gem was done last minute using paperclay mounted onto craft foam. I didn't have time to cast it out of resin, but I think my quick solution still looks pretty good.

More photos of Homura:
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lameninja's avatar
this is so gorgeous. Great shot :D
vickybunnyangel's avatar
Thank you so much *_* :heart:
awalmine's avatar
awesome.. look like you making some seal.. XD
vickybunnyangel's avatar
Exactly! :D I think it suited the character really well
awalmine's avatar
maybe if you edit it more glowing (the seal).. it could be more fun.. hehehe.. XD
lateonomen's avatar
Love this picture.
As I've said before, you make great Homura.
vickybunnyangel's avatar
Thanks so much, Lateonomen! :)
paper-stars's avatar
You make such a wonderful Homu-chan. :heart:

The composition of the photo and with the way you're posing just reminds me of the saints that have halos around their heads in old Christian Renaissance art. So, you look super saintly! I think it's fitting.
vickybunnyangel's avatar
Aw thank you! Hahaha that was my secret theme for all my Homura photos. Madoka is god, and she's a saint :P
paper-stars's avatar
Ohohoho! Well don't I feel clever... /is shot

It really does suit well, though! *_*
Dessi-Desu's avatar
Homura is so tragically beautiful ;~; You do such a wonderful job portraying her. I also love the photographer's choice in using the carpet in the Gaylord as a clever backdrop.
vickybunnyangel's avatar
Aww thank you so much for the awesome comment! I looooove that carpet
KohimeBashiri's avatar
This image is so wonderful! It looks great and you look gorgeous! Very inspiring <3
vickybunnyangel's avatar
Aww thank you so much for the kind words! :heart:
MiyuHimekawa's avatar
vickybunnyangel's avatar
Thank you! It's definitely an interesting background
octomobiki's avatar
MissCarlette's avatar
Why are you so awesome? :D Clearly I need to get cracking on a new Madoka costume at some point.... I think I could manage to bring her school uniform over the border.... but I'm not too sure about Godoka <3333 I just really love this shot though, it's so Homura :D
vickybunnyangel's avatar
oooo that would be fantastic! Still kind of bummed we missed each other in our Madoka outfits at Katsu, but that's the way the cookie crumbles I guess.

Also thank you :heart:
MissCarlette's avatar
Me too.... :[ But, I know there will be other opportunities! Cons get so crazy that even when you plan things, they don't always work out. At least we got to see WCS together. In retrospect, I should have put Madoka on instead. :(
vickybunnyangel's avatar
But you were cute and comfy in Sakura! So it's all good :D
MissCarlette's avatar
I knooooooow XD One of these days though! :D
august-fehrmont's avatar
That is a really cool angle, very nice!
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