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Glory of the Empire

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I took Astharoshe out of retirement so I could shoot with :iconkakeranotsuki: in her Ion Fortuna cosplay.

We both travelled to Montreal just to shoot on location and it was totally worth it!

Thanks a lot to the amazing :iconalucardleashed: for photographing us.

Astharoshe Asran is cosplayed by :iconvickybunnyangel:
Ion Fortuna is cosplayed by :iconkakeranotsuki:
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What color is Asthe's hair!?
I can never tell what color it is... Dunno if i should get silver or white..D:

That aside, I love your asthe cosplay! 
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Just... gorge. :)

I've never actually seen TB (I KNOW! It's on my list), but from any art I've ever seen of the characters, you guys embody them to a 'T'.

I am always and forever amazed by my friends like you that are so ridiculously talented!! Even though I'm far away atm and don't have tons of access to sewing stuff, I keep finding images like this super inspiring! I think when I get back home I'll be ready to go at cosplaying with a new heart and head!
Sorry to dump all that cheesiness over your art, but yeah. XD
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Love these costumes. The location works so well.
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:iconbravoplz: Amazingly great!!!
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This is just very gorgeous ;A;;;
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You two are so perfect in Trinity Blood :heart:
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Wow.... This is sooo nice ! ^^
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Thank you so much! I love wearing this cosplay :D
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Thank you! Glad you think so ^^
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I'm just amazed by how much detail you both put into these costumes sobb ;__; they're incredible!
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Thank you so much! Trinity Blood = killer details. I made this a while ago so I don't even remember how labor intensive it was, but I'm going to pretend it was XD
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Ooh YESsss, so fancy and gold :D
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yes! This is how real vampires should sparkle
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Awwwwwwwwww yeah >:]
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love your cosplay
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Thank you so much for the nice comment! :)
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your welcome X3
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Oh my... I would have loved to have pictures with you ^^
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Would've loved to get pictures with you too! Your Trinity Blood costumes were gorgeous! Maybe sometime in the future we can reunite as one large cast.
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Thank would be very awesome, maybe anime north? ^^ I'm glad you liked my work, I very like what you do too ^^
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There is no where good to shoot at Anime North. It's kind of a waste :(. Chris and Fannie were talking about a special trip to Toronto potentially for nice location photos. Maybe you can tag along :D
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