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Me as Yuuko Ichihara
Source: XXXHolic
Photographed by: :icongangurolove: at Katsucon 2012
Costume made by me.

I completely handpainted all the swirly clouds just like the artwork this was based off of. A lot of people were amazed I did that, and some people thought I had bought fabric that looked like it. I only planned on wearing Yuuko for a few hours at Katsucon for one shoot, but I ended up getting a lot of photo requests so I stayed in this costume a bit longer to work with more photographers ^_^. One of them was *GanguroLove who was a pleasure to work with! It was a new experience to work closely with a female photographer. I think females have a different eye for things, and seem more sympathetic. She was also very patient! The bridge we photographed on was actually a really busy bridge, so there were people constantly walking between us, and of course several other photographers decided to crowd around. Gangurolove's shots definitely show no evidence of that, so kudos for making it look like an isolated shoot!

Walking in the super tall platform heels I modded was definitely a challenge, but they impressed a lot of people.

Feel free to ask questions, leave a comment, or even connect with me on my Facebook Cosplay Page. I'm on there A LOT [link]

More photos of Yuuko:
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amazing cosplay
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I started watching XXXHolic recently and, today, was suddenly struck by the thought that a Yuuko cosplay would be really nice to see. I discovered your dA page I'm gasping at how amazing it all is! This is a beautiful costume, and you are an excellent cosplayer!! I really love the necklace and the colours :D :love:
vickybunnyangel's avatar
Hi there! Thank you so much for the touching comment. I apologize that I'm replying like a year late. I've been gone from DA for a very long time but it was so nice to come back to such kind words!
VariaK's avatar
Beautiful!!!!! I am sorry I didn't run into you and I missed seeing it in person
vickybunnyangel's avatar
Thank you! too bad our paths couldn't cross :(
Tyresa's avatar
all of your cosplays are so amazing *O* i saw you in this! you looked so elegant ^^ and very tall :3
vickybunnyangel's avatar
Thanks for the comment! :D Yeah wearing Yuuko makes me feel so uber tall it's great :heart:
Jarrak's avatar
Nice, looks beautiful, great shots! :)
vickybunnyangel's avatar
Thanks a lot, Jarrak! :)
Yuuri-K's avatar
Wow, did it took you a long time to paint all that? Looks sweet :3
vickybunnyangel's avatar
Took too long T__T but I guess about 3 weeks total. 1-2 hours after getting off work kind of thing.

Yuuri-K's avatar
Ahh, took long but it came out wonderful. You're welcome~
Olivias-Atelier's avatar
Look at you, always looking so good~
mdarrer's avatar
absolutely gorgeous!
mdarrer's avatar
you're welcome
fabiSm's avatar
so pretty and elegant!
vickybunnyangel's avatar
Thank you for the awesome compliment ^^
Xiaros's avatar
this costume is amazing! :D
vickybunnyangel's avatar
Thank you so much for the lovely comment! <3
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