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Witchy Art Challenge - Inktober 2016!


Here is for you, a Challenge with only witchy stuff to draw or write about! You can do whatever you want with it, whenever you want! It’s just a list of witches I really wanted to design and bring to my story or I really wanted to draw just for fun~ 

You can mix it with some color palette meme, or the Inktober or the Huevember, it's as you wish!

This is a character design challenge~ You can do anything, any body type, any skin color, any disability, any religion or any gender you want, it’s totally free, so be creative and have fun  That’s the only thing that counts! 

Have fun *:・゚✧

Tag your art with #modernwitchesdaily & #witchyartchallenge !

UPDATE: Inktober is coming soon! Try this challenge ;D
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adeerwithnotlogic's avatar

I'm gonna do this! It looks really cool and creative! :D

SweetSpiritWitch's avatar
I plan to do this soon!!
nocturnaleclypse's avatar
I'm really considering on trying this challenge soon! :)
sylveonlovesumbreon's avatar
must do!!!! ill have to work hard tho
littlemountainwitch's avatar
Of course I have to do the witch challenge for inktober!
Misucchi's avatar
I'm DEF' doing this for inktober ! Might be doing it on instagram though :o
Vicky-Pandora's avatar
Yeah!! No problem! You can @ me there! I'm vicky_pandora on Instagram!
Misucchi's avatar
Omg great ! I'll be doing it for sure then ! :) 
TheyNeverDid's avatar
So doing it this summer
HelloImaDemon's avatar
what  about witchcraft tool? when i look it up half the pictures look like drills.
HelloImaDemon's avatar
what do you do for the workplace? stuff like the altar or?
Vicky-Pandora's avatar
As you want ^.^)/ I personnaly did a forest! But most people do a desk or a place dear the them!
tokio-rose's avatar
I created my own inktober prompt list but i think i could also do some of these!! They're nice ideas :)
FadedWolf4281's avatar
ahh I will probably do this!
bluecrystalsonmyhead's avatar
This will probably be a good practice and inspiration for me!! 
cupcake1814's avatar
hehe yay! i am a witch and i cant wait to start these!!
Pysalouh's avatar
What is an altar, i want to do it :3 ?
Vicky-Pandora's avatar
An altar for a witch is like a little santuary where she practice her witchcraft and pu all kind of personnal objects related to her magic ^.^)/ Check out my illustration for an idea of what it is ^^ 
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