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Spinning L

I loved how L is always in his chair spinning in the movie XD
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can i use icon??
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How did you do it ?
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so cute! i love death note!Spinning L Light Yagami Gif Commission for Aura Ryuk 
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How did you do it? ^^
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This is so funny! I love it!
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So awesome XD Spinning L 
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Can I use this as an emote for my private friends only forum please? I'll understand if you'd rather I didn't use it, it'll just be for a private fourm, me an a small group of friends only.
Here's some information -…
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i laughed way too hard at this!!! :heart::love:
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they see me spinning. they hating.
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Omg, yes! There must be a parody of that! ^w^
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Can i use this for my icon?
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Me: L get me join along * gets on the chair* L: * spins around in the chair* Me: yay! :D
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Amazing L! Great detail and animation
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