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Cybil Covers Cleavage

Silent Hill: Cybil Bennett

Her pose makes little sense if you haven't seen the original sketch, read the blog entry I wrote a year ago, or know how I feel about Silent Hill: Shattered Memories in general. I like the game concept, but wish they hadn't used it in some "re-imagining" of one of my all-time favourite games.

Art-wise, so many glaring mistakes and fail, but THIS IS SILENT HILL DURRRRR NOTHING HAS TO MAKE SENSE. I kid. I'll improve gradually. It took me quite a while to paint her skin without making it look too much like she has bruises all over or just been shoved into dirt.

But first goofy-turned-serious-ish digital painting and Deviation ever. Woo! *throws confetti*

Silent Hill & Cybil Bennett © Konami.
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Looks great! :)