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:wave:si this a stock?


can you let me use this pic for cover facebook fanpage ?

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Yes, of course!

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Your picture is amazing!

I just finished writing a book "The Golden Gift of Silence" and have been working on the cover. Your fabulous picture would make for the perfect background for it. In the story the protagonists visit an eerie Louisiana graveyard.  This lovely picture is exactly how I imagined the funeral.  Would you allow me to use a section of it in my cover? 

Please let me know. Of course, I would give you attribution and include a link to your page. Thanks!
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Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Yes. you can use my pic for sure. I'm glad you liked my work!

I also love this atmosphere you've created with this one. 

I am currently writing a short Dungeons & Dragons game that others can download and play from the Dungeon Masters Guild website ( In the story the players visit an endless graveyard.  One of them even has a raven as a pet.  Your fine artwork fits my vision of the ambience perfectly.  I was wondering if you would mind me including it in the story? 

If you are happy for me to do this, please let me know by reply.  I would of course give you attribution and include a link to your portfolio, if desired.
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Sorry for the late reply. Yes, you can use it, of course!
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This makes me happy. :)
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I'm planning to edit my pic for a halloween. Can I use this for my background ?
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So I was wondering if I can use this art for a layout on
Hey Vickie666. I was wondering if I could use this image as the background of my website. I really love this!…
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Hello, can i use your picture for a composing?
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This is amazing!! do you mind if i use your picture for a school project?
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This is a great example of creepy atmosphere.
Not crowded.
It's perfect.
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Thank you so much!
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Hello! I have this story that I'm writing and can I please use your picture as the cover?
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Hi! Yes, you can ;)
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Can I please use this picture as one of my backgrounds?
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