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Vick330 NwnN2 brush-set

After finishing my Neverwinter Nights2 fancomic, Neverwinner Nights2, I decided to share the Photoshop brush set I made specifically for the comic.  Please take note that, if you load the brush-set into Photoshop, the Brush-View will not look like above since PS will distort brushes' images that are too big, and sometimes on an incomprehensible whim.

If you wish to use these brushes, a link back to this page or my profile is appreciated but not mandatory, unless you archive the ABR file on another website.

Except for the brushes that were included with Photoshop (inside red squares) and are copyright of Adobe, all the others were made by myself and even though I allow their free use they remain my property.

Enjoy :wave:
© 2015 - 2022 vick330
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I hope you find them useful :)  The Old Gods know I had fun making these :nod:
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Thanks for the offering of sharing.
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