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Macross Frontier - Shery(Kindan no Elixir[Bride], Nyan Fes,White Bunny, Diamond Crevasses[itsuwari no utahime], Collection Illustration,超時空游園地,Star-Date.ver )
Zone-00 - Kinuko
               Mayoko(normal, 10卷扉页.ver)
Gundam Seed-Destiny - Stellar, Lacus
Mawaru Penguindrum - Princess of Crystal
Kuroko's Basketball - Momoi(Touou.ver)
GANTZ - Yamasaki
K-ON! - Mio(school uniform.ver)
Lovely Complex - Risa
Nisemonogatari - Hitagi(ep6,ep7,ep11.ver)
APH - Hungary
Kamisama Hajimemashita - Nanami
Chunibyo Demo Koi Ga Shitai! - Toka
Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Homura(school uniform, magical girl.ver)
Nosatsu Junkie - Naka
Film Girl - Mei
Dogs - Naoto(casual, 22ep dress.ver)
Hirunaka no Ryuusei - Suzume

Steins;Gate - Kurisu
Final Fantasy Type-0 - Cater(summer uniform)
Idol Mster - Miki (Forever Star☆☆☆, カラフルバレリーナ,バーガースケーター .ver)
Dangan-Ronpa - Junko        
Super Dangan-Ronpa - Nanami
Super Sonico - Sonico(many version)

Vocaloid2 - Luka(Diva-F's kinomo.ver)
                Miku(Monochrome Blue Sky, Senbonzakura.ver)

Majitsuka Gakuen - Sado
Tangled - Rapunzle
SPEC - Toma

Tiger & Bunny - Barnaby
Chihayafuru - Taichi(hakama.ver)
Hyouka - Houtaro(last ep.ver)
MAGI - Alibaba, Sharurukan
BTOOOM! - Sakamoto
Haikyu!! - Kageyama
Ouran high school host club - Tamaki(ep.81, ep.82.ver)
Mawaru Pengundrum - Kyoma
Hibi Chouchou - Kawasumi
Gumdam OO - Setsuna

DRAMAtical Murder - Noiz
Lamento - Rai

Howl's moving castle - Howl
Momonoke Hime - Ashitaka

Vocaloid2 - Len(Remote Control, (Remote Control, Soundless Voice, イカサマ⇔カジノ, スキキライ, ジクロロベンゼン, Synchronicity.ver)
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I get to excited that i have to write a journal kk

finally been waiting for so long until the DVD is relase 2 days ago, at first thought I might need to be waiting for half a month until they're torrent coming out but who knews the fans are so mania to SH so i get to watch online yesterday already > <

so much touching stuff T_______T Meru and Elizabeth!!!!!!! 磔刑の聖女 and 暁光の唄 is just too sadddd, really like them alot TUT
so last night i went back to listen この狭い鳥籠の中で from イドへ至る森へ至るイド  for the whole night TAT   CANT GET IT OUT OF ME HEAD... pure tragedy love setting TUT

also one of the best is 薔薇の塔で眠る姫君!!!!!! I WATCH THIS FOR TEN TIMES+ CONTINUOUSLY!!!!! sleeping beauty and the prince are so much love <3333   Mikuni's sleeping beauty is so pretty with awesome good voice, the revange part is too epic <3 and Suzuha's tettere prince handsomeee KYAAAAAA  tettereeee
僕の理想の花嫁は 何処にいるのだろう  =///////////////=
硝子の棺で眠る姫君 is also sooo good too > < Snow White is real CUTE and Tomoyo did too good for this role!!! GUTEN MORGENNN kyyaaaaaa
love both princess so muchh<3 but i still like sleeping beauty more :/ donno why when actually most of my friends love snow white > <

the rest of the song are really good too <3
Jimang role in every song is so halarious XDD  Miki sama's bad witch role is so epicc <333  ETC
i love evey song too much to say cant type out all XD

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kyoko x sayaka - shoot spam~

Sun Jul 3, 2011, 1:46 AM
getting super lazy, choose 17 photo(lazy to use more) in total and i finished editing others 13 within an hours (barley edit wwww
i always wanted to try to upload some photos on the journal and now i got the chancesss > <
too good that i don hav to spam more to my gallery any more!!
thanks so much to the annynomus giving me this premium membership,
I promise I'll give this favour back to you!! man you're too nice I love youuuu <333

wasnt really satisfied with the shoot this time, didnt notice the fringe was covering my eyes making bad shadow...
my pants didnt came on time so i use some randoms one i got at home sticking it with white cloth ORZ
(dropping everytime during the shoot...
this is the first time my Sayaka having cosplay photoshoot : DD      
she's so cute and small (even 5 years older then me OJZ

sooo >>

Miki Sayaka @ 花寺
Kyoko Sakura @  vicissiJuice

photographer @ WinryDeeDee

fin (*´∀`*)

next photoshoot: Makise Kurisu (Stein;Gate)

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really have fun and great time in SG love the country i dont wanna leaveee TAAAT
just got back home for hours finishing packing up my stuff and taking showers.

thanks Lucia, Tenka, Hiaki, Windy, Shiroin, XiaoWan, Nicholas, Shiro, Mini, Zera, 拉麵 so much for helping me sort out lots of things, photoshoot and organizing for all the times > <
you guys are aweosmeee <33
met up with lots of people too during cosfest/later met up with mei nv 16night, Skye, Sakurazaki, Kazeki, Reiko, Peggy...etc  make my day,week *W*

although there are still some people i didnt met up cuz i dont usually walk around, instead sitting and hanging around Lucia and Tenka's booth resting and get change really fast, im too lazy ORZ   
5 day of continuosly cosplaying isnt easy at all||  will never do this again...ever||
hope that there will be chances to meet you guys in the future again,,,,also with people i havent met up yet XD

going to bed and nite/mornin'!*
ps: there are many comment i havent reply sorry i was getting to busy and tired recently. i'll try to reply as soon as possible!
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finallyyy, thanks for Mikorio's mom managing for ticket and hotel preordering > <
the date to SG will be June 22 - June 29 ~

25th June(day 1) - Karina Lyle (Tiger&Bunny)
26th June(day 2) - Mami Tomoe(Puella Magi Madoka ☆ Magica)

since yesterday i was already a little bit afraid of cosplaying Mami more OJZ
after uploading mami photoshoot yesterday 2 came up asked me to be their group's Mami, Dee tell me to cosplay Mami during the July Summer Anime event in Guangzhou, Mami(gender bend) layers ask me to be his Mami =口=//
when i realize again IT MEANS THAT I HAVE TO COSPLAY MAMI 6 MORE TIME!!!! 6!!!!! YOOOOOOOOO!!!
well...5 times (including school uniform version 1 time), im not doing it during the summer event in Guangzhou,,, too tiring.

photoshoot in SG:
Tiger&Bunny with Mini ~
Puella Magi Madoka ☆ Magica with Shiroin (PS:I NEED CHARLOTTE OR QB LAHHH IM LONELY!! T_______T)
High School of the Dead with Lucia, Mikorio and Shiro
Zone-00 myself as Sara with Lucia, Tenka, Mikorio and Windy

recently i was started to catch up with some April's new anime, tottaly fell in Love with Tiger&Bunny!! such a great series just love it and every character is sooo much love too!!!! Stein;Gate and Dead Man Wonderland is also really good too, have no idea why it isn't that popular(in China). for Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi there is only one couple i like, Ritsu and Takano, but in these middle episode they didnt came out so annoying lahhhhhh!!!!! also watch We Still Don't Know the Name of the Flower We Saw That Day two days ago, so touchingggg reminds me of friends from primary school T______T i want to do Anaru or Tsuruko, love these girlsss Q/////Q

lastttt anyone who is attending cosfest hope to see you guys there XDD

next photoshoot:
Russia - Nyotalia
Kyoko Sakura - Puella Magi Madoka ☆ Magica
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First journal on DA! XD

I’m planning for trips to Singapore around June 24th – July 1st, not sure for the actual date yet cause I haven’t buy the ticket. Will try to catch up dates some days before Cosfest for preparation (June 25th-26th if I’m right? QUQ)

'Til now I’m still not sure what character to cosplay for Cosfest (2 differents for each day). My first thought is Tomoe Mami from but her outfit is too inconvenient to carry out (her rifle and shoes are so heavy!!). Only one month left will have to finish preparing for everything as soon as possible, still I have no idea yet. ORZ
They’re really LOTS of people I wanted to meet!! >W<

The first day on 24th I would probably be shopping around (if you guys know any good place for shopping please tell me! XD)
25th-26th will be at Cosfest event (so gonna by Lucia and Tenka’s Kagamine cosplay book! 我是超粉!★).
27th-30th will be meeting up with my friends one day and the other two days are for cosplay photo shoot. One of the shoot will be High School of the Dead.
These are the only plan I have now.> < on July 1st I will be back to Guangzhou or Bangkok.

*If any of you will be at Singapore around the time, and was interested on cosplaying with me please TELL ME (note me XD)!! I was really hoping to cosplay with overseas layers! But I was too shy to ask! Also they’re so less time left to prepare so I not really sure if it is appropriate to ask. >////////<  

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