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so my friends and I started a new videogame culture site, yes I KNOW there are so many! but if you had the inclination you could drop by and laugh at the things I write, because you LOVE ME!
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sorry everyone, just went through a bit of a dark time with a breakup and holidays and moving stuff and yadda yadda yadda, but i am still going to send everyone soemthing, even if as usual it's two months late.......=(

BTW: anyone on XBL, add me: tenno

playing GOW, lost planet and Halo 2 ^_^
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but since people are wondering why i want to mail stuff out......truth is, i just have a nasty habit of sending weird fun lil things on holidays or on a whim; coloring books i made, cds, carved figures, for christmas i was sending out cards for fun, nothing horrible, not practical jokesies, just soemthing cute you could hang on the no dead bodies or anything ^_^
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they look so freaking sweet! addresses people!
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like i only got one, and i have lots of stuff, and like, it's weird ole me and yeah, i need more......or well, one person is gonna get like a boxset.......

you know who you are ^_^
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worth your while!
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um i ordered a ton of cards....well a few at least and i thought it'd be nice to mail some of you them, so if i can afford itz, message me yo addies and we'll see what we can see!
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just throwing this one out there...

i was reading some of the replies to my dream post, well ok THE REPLY, and i was wondering if any of you would be interested in drawing pictures related to them?

just a thought...
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i dreamed that me and my brother were fighting on a weird fiberglass mountain that was crumbling in drifts in material, and a person behind me noted that since the pass was out, jessey couldn't pass as long as i kept flapping what was a sword and now only cloth at him. I stopped and turned away as i was bored and he puched me face first in the rotten fiber drifts at the bottom and i got a huge mouthful of the powdery fibers.

coughing and hacking i proceeded to go to help some people lay boards for a wood floor, when upon rubbing my hands down my sides i felt a slight tug. I looked at my knee and saw a weird metal glint. tugging on the object i slowly pulled a long 8 inch metal fiber from my knee, dripping with blood. The whole operation was painless.

I looked again at my knee and saw that it, my stomach and my sides were stuck all over with metal wires, each punctured deep into my body. telling the people around me that they "didn't hurt" i kept tugging each one out, even finding more in my mouth, obviously they had been punched into me when i fell into the fiberglass drifts...

then it cut to me and a friend standing on a landing during a party, both of us with hands of string confetti, i immediately felt huge stabs of pain in my hand like burning needles and threw the confetti down, when i looked back at it, it had assembled itself into either a little man or creature and i could feel nothing but overwhelming horror at it's malovence towards me. my friend left and i left soon after, sure in my knowledge that that paper creature had nothing but the deepest of ill will against me...

it's not quite the cupboard dream i usually have but..........
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what the hell?

screw it i'll just post some poem i wrote for a birthday situation HAHAH!

Happy Birthday!

I hope this birthday finds you,
not eaten by a beast,
nor wandering lost in forests,
or choking at a feast.
Slaughtered by a mauling bear,
torn upon the rocks,
taking poison by accident,
death by electric shock.
Pinned under twenty cars,
burned by faulty toasters,
launched into space by catapult,
death by roller coaster.
Nor do I wish you made into,
some kind of icy disaster,
buried under falling rock,
or encased in failing plaster.
I only hope your birthday dear,
well I really wish you well,
turns out to be a great success.
I wish it would turn out swell.
So have some cake (but chew it thoroughly!),
choking just won't do,
and look both ways before you cross,
and get some insurance too.

-Jeremy Zerfoss
first you see the clouds
then you see the rain
then you see the water
mthen you see the stains

the curtains on your eyes
so often whipping closed
are opened by the siphoning
of the sights you know

the dead eye that is free
or the one we pay
displays the news of family
screaming 'bombs away'

here you have your cake
and here you eat it too
never mind you're eating shit
prepared in front of you

the lessons and the lies
the freedoms we dare expose
boadcast for the vouyers
from start until the close

dare you break the cycle
from the static evening screen
blessings of the silence
from opinionated screams

open your front doors
as if your life relies
on freedom from the den within
and those acid cries

and when your somewhere else
breathing easily
you wonder why you waste your time
on that damn tv.

I sign a contract soon to get the basic design of 'candy coated pop music' on my friends shirt label, MODEST. That's pretty damn cool. I have to get a hi-res version of my signature up on it and everything, sweet.