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Gameview 2

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I've changed this a bit since the original version. The picture no longer appears in a small box to the side but appears fullscreen behind the list. List is scrollable

Normally completely hidden but when I mouseover the lefthand edge of my screen it appears. When I click on a game or take my mouse off the skin it disappears. Text changes to green when I mouseover the text and a picture representing the game appears on the right-hand side (pictures not mine, just found online). I do have a smaller version without the picture.

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Excellent tool. My compliments!

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You are breathtaking

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Any idea how to change it to the right
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KuldeepWolverineStudent Digital Artist
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is there any way to make the game images transparent?
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Doesn't do anything when installed, tried re downloading it and rainmeter but its still not working.
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didnt do anything.....should add instructions man
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when i added my own games to the list some names show up and some dont some are #app21text# and the images wont show up for anygames even the ones with correct names
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Just like Glorious Game Launcher this one also doesnt work
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I love it and it works! There is only a slight problem that may bother me in the future: it doesn't matter if I'm on the desktop or in chrome or Word for example, the scroller will still activate whenever I hit the left border. Is it possible this only happens when I'm on the desktop?
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Oh wow nvm, the second I send it I discovered how to fix it
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It was working perfectly on my old monitor, but I recently got a new one and now the skin is not properly aligned to the left edge of my screen. I have to mouse over a line about a centimeter away from the edge, and there's always an ugly bar (showing my background and desktop shortcuts) between the skin and the edge of the screen now. What can I do to adjust the position of this app on my screen?
Edit: Nevermind, I just clicked and dragged it. D'oh.
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can anyone tell me how to get rid of, and add new games. im new to computers so if anyone can help me, much gratitude bro.
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You're going to want to open the start menu and search for "gameview" and you should see a folder called "Gameview 2" click on that. From there click on "Apps". That should open in notepad from there you can remove apps you don't need, change app names, paths and images. If you're trying to open games from Steam you can find their rungameid by going into your Steam library and right-clicking the game >Create desktop shortcut. This will put a shortcut on the desktop. Right-click the shortcut and click "Properties". Under the "Web Document" tab you should see the URL, e.g. steam://rungameid/XXXXXX. Copy and paste that under the "App(#)Path" e.g. App32Path="steam://rungameid/105600" If you want to add an image to it you can go back into the Gameview 2 folder and go into images and add the image you would like for the game into there and change the "images\" to the name of the image file e.g. App32Image="Images\Terraria.jpg" The images might have to be in the gameview 2\images directory or it might not be able to find them, not 100% sure on that.

Edit: If the file isn't setup to open in anything just right-click and select Open With > Notepad -or optionally Notepad++ if you have it-

Edit2: If you have less than 56 apps you can mouse over the Gameview and right-click > Edit Skin and remove any [link]'s you don't need, I recommend copying and pasting them into a notepad and saving that in case you need to add some back later. If you need more than 56 just copy one of the links and change the numbers 

LeftMouseUpAction=!Execute ["#App57Path#"][!HideMeterGroup GameGroup][!Update]
MouseOverAction=[!SetOption Link57 FontColor #MouseOverColour#][!SetOption View ImageName #*App57Image*#][!Update]
MouseLeaveAction=[!SetOption Link57 FontColor #TextColour#][!SetOption View ImageName ""][!Update]

Edit3: One more thing I forgot to mention, you'll have to mouse over Gameview, right-click and click "Refresh Skin" to see any changes made.

You should also note there is a version of this out now that is a little more refined and is easier to add games to by just dropping a shortcut to it into the resources > Shortcuts file and will also auto sort anything you add alphabetically. Google Rainmeter Gameview 3 if you would prefer that, everything I just said still applies to Gameview 3 aside from the [link] parts because it is no longer required to do that manually.

Hopefully this has helped you out.
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Thanks for this response!!! I downloaded gameview 3 and it works like a charm. Pure epicness in my PC!  Thanks a lot for creating this skin!

Edit: Just an idea i had, maybe if you like it you could work on it :D

To have multiple images for 1 game, and have them change every...5 sec? I think it would be really cool if its possible!

PS: sorry for double post but can't delete my other comment :/
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GG response! Many thanks!
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Everything went fine for App1 but for App2 and onward images do not show up no matter what I do
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Is there any way to disable the scrolling? It's acting really weird, and I only have like 6 apps so it only serves to annoy. I commented out this section:

***MouseScrollDownAction=[!SetOption Link1 Y ([Link1:Y]-#ScrollSpeed#)][!Update][!SetOption Link1 Y [*MeasureScroll*]][!Update]***
***MouseScrollUpAction=[!SetOption Link1 Y ([Link1:Y]+#ScrollSpeed#)][!Update][!SetOption Link1 Y [*MeasureScroll*]][!Update]***

I also set "ScrollSpeed=0" but it's still scrolling, what am I missing?

[EDIT] nevermind, I noticed this was implemented in another place and got it fixed by commenting that part. Sorry for the spam!
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Hey! I have a triple screen setup including 2 '1024 x 1080' screens. 

The picture overlay doesn't really work on that aspect ratio.. is this solvable?
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How could I set it up to have a separate menu on each side of the screen? 
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Thanks for the skin -- very useful!  Is there a link for the smaller version without pics?  Thanks.
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Hey! I love this skin! Already customized it with my games. But I was wondering if 1 thing was possible: fade in and out. I am new to rainmeter but tried to make it do it on my own but couldn't figure it out...
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Cloak-and-Dagger42Hobbyist General Artist
I'm trying to change the image for a game I added in, and while I have it formatted the same as it is for every other app, this one just won't show. I put it in the skin's image folder, I have the app number correctly, I put in the right file extension, and it won't show up.
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