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Hello everyone! It's been a long time since my last status here. I just want to update you on the commission list. I've finished all the ones I had in the WIP list and added 5 new names to it today!! Please be aware, I draw commissions based on who commissioned me first, so if you don't see your name in it, don't worry, it's just a matter of time :) (Smile) I draw everyday, so don't worry  WHUT I'm planning on finishing all the commissions I can before August 10th, because then I will have to go on a trip in Italy, then In September I will be busy alot "still drawing in September/October tho" and then from the end of October until the half of November I will go in Italy again on a convention and other stuff "Yes I travel alot Crazy Jensen" I want to finish all the commissions in the wait list so I can create new slots for you. I will not take so many commissions on the wait list anymore tho, It is just too much. I will do 4/5 commissions per month, and take other 4/5 for the next "wait list" and so on. So from the next time I will start commissions, this long wait will not happend anymore. You will have to wait only 1 or 2 months! I'm organizing myself to do commissions quickly :) (Smile)  That's all for now, I'm always here if you need some info and always ready to update you!Llama Emoji-14 (Say Cheese) [V1] 

*Commissions CLOSED!*

If you are interested, feel free to note me

Payment method: Paypal (EURO) Only


[ White Background ]

Chest up: €12 Per Character

   Boruto - Anime Screenshot test by vicio-kun The Hokage and the first Lady by vicio-kunCommission - Harumi by vicio-kun

Half body€16 Per Character 

Commission - Three Queens by vicio-kun  Is that for me? by vicio-kun   Commission - On a mission by vicio-kun  Commission - Morning walk by vicio-kun

Full body: €30 Per Character

~Girls time~ by vicio-kun  Commission - Serena by vicio-kun  Commission - Aya 2 by vicio-kun

Headshot: €12 Per Character

When the Hokage smirks at you... by vicio-kun  Forever you... by vicio-kun  Hinata head-shot by vicio-kun

Manga Style (B&W): 
° Chest up: €10 Per Character
° Half Body: €13 Per Character
° Full Body: €18 Per Character
° Headshot: €8 Per Character


NaruHina month day 2 - Mission together by vicio-kun

+Backgrounds: €10 (Not too complex)

Commission - Family conflicts by vicio-kun Commission - Winter walk by vicio-kun Commission - Old friends by vicio-kun

Do not mention anything about Commission/Deviantart/Art/etc, in the memo section of Paypal. Put ONLY your username, so I know who is sending me the payment

- Please when sending the payment, choose the option "  Send money to friends and family" Otherwise you'll need to add + 3€ with the price of the commission you want for the Paypal fee


- I can draw your OC, not only Fanarts
- My watermark will be on your commission
- You are free to upload it wherever you want, but you will have to give me credit
- I will upload your commission here and my other pages
- Any NSFW commission will not be uploaded here or in any other site, only on Pixiv 
- I can decide to decline your request if it is not what i'm used to draw
NO Deadlines!!

If you are interested use "Commission" as title of your note. *PLEASE be as detailed as you can with what you want on your commission!*

Use this to let me know what you want:

Name of characters/s:
References and links:
Type of commission: Half body/Chest up/Headshot/etc
Background: Yes/No (If no,it will be white)

*Important is that you include Pose References, Background details, and also be specific on what kind of situation you want me to draw, like expressions, mood of the characters etc

Your commission will be [300dpi resolution in PNG Format]

-I will give you my Paypal adress when you decide to send me the payment
-You will have to pay me before i start your commission. I will start it as soon as I get the full payment. I will send you the sketch before i continue, so you can tell me if i can finish it or if you want something to be changed.
-Please be aware! The time for the commission might take even a month or more, depends on how many commissions I have and my schedule.
-You CANNOT cancel your commission after I sent you the sketch! Since there are people who makes me waste my time.

-No refund if I've already started sketching your commission.
-I will not do any more edits once the commission is done or posted, unless is something easy that I can do when layers are already all merged.

Feel free to contact me for anything :)