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WMP11 Tango ENG

By vicing
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WMP11 Tango ENG SP3
WMP11 Tango - it is adapted for Visual style TangoBL, TangoBU, TangoBU2, TangoBU3, GLblackTB

1. Before file replacement wmploc.dll which is in C:\WINDOWS\system32 I recommend to make a copy of an original file or to rename
It in wmploc_original.dll.
2. To remove a tick in a toolbar Player Windows Media.
3. To take a file wmploc.dll from archive in folder C:\WINDOWS\system32 and on
a question to Insert a disk with WindowsXP SP3ответить is not present

PS: In archive is Replacer

PS2: RUS Version Look here WMP11 Tango RUS
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every time i use skin it only works once, then it becomes normal WMP
how can i make it stay the edited skin?
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Can be Windows restores files,
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thank you
i want WMP11 Tango FR (franch)
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It is necessary for you to translate a file wmploc.dll into French, open its program Resource Hacker, such as , and replace English with French
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yes i dont know its strange.
but your WMP skin is nice.
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Dont working for me :/
I changer wmploc.dll => wmploc_original.dll
and i plast your wmploc.dll on windows/sys32 . . . But tahts dont working

PS i have a PX SP3
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You the first at whom it has not turned out, sorry
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thanks for your wmp skin, i like it
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Hey vicin
I like your blue Folder
(in the Preview)

I want to use it for my foobar Skin


Can you please give me a link to download it.

Look's very cool...
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very very cool O_o :+fav:
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very awesome!! thanks
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I love your dock icons ! Can you send me the link? PLEASE :blushes:
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I dont use XP, but WOW! Really nice job; this is for XP right? If so, then you should consider making a vista compatible one too. It looks awesome! =]
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I cannot know as it will look on Vista, I did it only for XP
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вот это даа,получилось просто сногсшибательно. для wmp я подобных качественных скинов не видел ;D
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