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Hello friends!! //

I suppose most people would take this time to reflect and thank everyone that's followed them through their 2016 journey.
Sticking with traditions, I'd like to do the same -- But I'm more or less using this as a way to help illustrate an outline of how
far, -- or at least, how much progressing (sort of/decently) I have made through my late 2015-2016 return back into using DeviantART.
But well, not just DeviantART, but getting back into the swing of creating content again in general. A lot has been going on through the years of my absence,
and I'd like to take this opportunity to reflect upon some of those events as the year comes to another end. 

2016 was a pretty significant year for me.
Although I doubt it regardless, as being one of "the" most productive years I've ever had -- It sort of, in it's own way, was!

For instance, during the spring, I had the chance to travel to Japan! You bet I've been dreaming of visiting for YEARS -- Ever since I was a small child! When I finally landed -- I almost couldn't believe where I was. It honestly, didn't hit me till much much later!

After the trip, I continued to create and upload content -- re-organized and re-shaped my art --
Improved and tried a little harder to become a little better each time. But the difference was, I wasn't just working to improve for myself --
But I had something to prove to someone else! I had the amaaazing opportunity to become acquainted with, whom, now, to me, is one of my absolute best friends! You know who you are! Her skills and talent really drove me insane! How can someone be THAT good? I was bitter at first, but the mentioning of this story was that I learned to grow with other people's talent. Learned to accept that -- yes they are better. To the point where it's almost an unreachable level with how I was pacing myself. But I learned to accept that. I learned to accept that comparing myself in that way, only damaged my own progress rather than improving it. Eventually, I learned to work with her, and I tried to improve as much as I could -- just to be sure, I didn't let her, and her expectations of me down.
That moment, that encountered, really shaped me in 2016 on how I would eventually tackled my future projects/drawings/or work in general. So Sobby the Abra, thanks! I really truly mean that! And thanks for helping me through with soooo many questions I've had before! You're a real trooper!! Thanks for being a friend!

Following that a couple months down the line -- I was able to find myself a relatively beneficial internship going forward with my art career. It wasn't a huge leap -- But it was one worth working hard in. I've had work experience -- But never in a real studio environment before. So that experience with working in that line of work, really challenged and helped develop my strategies in how I draw and create content.

Trying to keep this journal as short as possible (Thank you by the way for sticking around)! 
There were a few things I've missed out on that I wished I was able to have done in terms of art related content.
Stories, comics -- and getting back into doing YouTube --But, however I've gotten at least a fair amount done for 2016's New Years Resolution though!
I suppose anything else left I wanted to do, will just have to happen in 2017 then!!
Who knows, maybe this year will be the right year to go back into YouTubing again. I came back to DeviantArt, and started a Tumblr during 2016. So,
it's not as impossble as I may think it to be! All I need -- is just a bit more time, and a good amount of motivation to help me carry through~ lol

Thank you so much everyone for sticking around!!
I really hope that I could have the opportunity to talk to some of you hanging around //
But, here's hoping we can ride forward furiously, safely, but courageously into the new year!

Let'z go!

La la la la :happybounce: Huggle!

(I guess some smaller Events that was really hype:
Attended my first real Concert -- AMAZING performance! And, attended my first eSports Tournament for Super Smash Bros Wii U) > u >//
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Once again, I'd first like to thank whomever gifted me the One Month DeviantArt Core Membership. So thank you! Without it, I wouldn't be able to have a more consistent and I suppose, less edgy username;; So thank you lol!

But getting down to, the business, I went through a name change from:
DarkSabor to Vichip-Art, to match up with my Tumblr Name.

This is only a simple notice for anyone curious about the sudden change,
and is to hopefully reduce any sort of confusion that may occur. Thank you!


If you're interested, Follow me on:
My Tumblr Page (Vichip-Art)
My DeviantArt Page (Vichip-Art)
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I was earlier notified today in the afternoon that I had received a DeviantArt Core Membership for a month from an unnamed DeviantArt member.
I don't know who you are, or why you decided to gift me a DeviantArt Core Membership, but I really would have liked to, at the very least, thanked you for your kind contribution. So, whomever you are, thank you! Really!
I'll continue to work hard to improve, and be more frequent with updates.


If you're interested, Follow me on:
My DeviantArt Page (Vichip-Art)
My Tumblr Page (Vichip-Art)
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So, referencing the previous journal I posted, I was thinking about opening up a Tumblr, and starting up a new DeviantArt Page.
I've decided to skip the extra work, and to remain on this DeviantArt Page. I have though, however opened up a new Tumblr under a different name, which I will link at the end of this journal! I have been away from posting any sort of work for quite sometime, which is a habit I am eagerly trying to change from here on forward. So please bear with me a little longer while I adjust! 

Any who, thank you for those of you who've stuck around till this long! 
Many many thanks goes out to all of you!

If you're interested, Follow me on:
My DeviantArt Page (DarkSabor):
My Tumblr Page (Vichip-Art):

P.S Can anyone please give me some Tumblr feedback? As in, advice on how to use the thing? I've been surfing through a variety of Tumblr pages, and all these beautifuly looking layouts and fonts! You wouldn't believe how long it took me to just find out how to link my DeviantArt page on there...Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you again!
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So, it's been quite sometime since I last updated my DeviantArt page. It's probably been two years by now since my last post.
I have wanted to and considered updating my DeviantArt numerous times, but have felt a little hesitant about doing so for one reason or another.
(You know, once you fall out of the habit of doing something you use to like, it's just hard to feel comfortable doing it again, and in this case, just uploading artwork)

Some of the things I've been considering a lot of lately, was opening up, maybe a Tumblr as another place to upload my artwork.
But I don't exactly feel like I should abandon my DeviantArt page either. So somethings I've kind of been thinking about was opening a new DeviantArt page, just so the new name I use for my Tumblr is consistent with the name I'll have on DeviantArt, just to avoid any sort of mix ups and confusion. I don't exactly mind a fresh start, but this is a little painful. The memories that is, that I'd technically be leaving behind if I were to start a new page.

I've been on the fence about this for some time now, so I thought I'd share this idea with whomever is still actually silly enough to be sitting around, waiting for updates ;; Any sort of feedback will help. I already have a pretty solid idea of what I want to do. Anyway, just wanted to check in to see if anyone on my page is still watching my stuff, and would be available to give me some feedback or ideas that I can take into consideration with mine.

Thank you for your time!
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Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a wonderful wonderful Summer!!
I got back from a TREMENDOUS Experience at Anime Expo 2012!! I could go on and on about how awesome it was, but this isn't the point of the Journal.
I realized, (Well with the help of some friends) that I've been very inactive as of late; For quite sometime actually. So--I figured, I could make a list of things I'd "like" to get done within Summer before it ends. (HOPEFULLY) ;-;

1. Upload a short comic (I'm working on this right now)

2. Actively upload more -- Either, sketches, work in progress, doodles. Anything to keep my DeviantART alive really!

3. Create Short Videos. I haven't uploaded anything in a year on my Youtube--I think it'll be a good time to start again. 

4.  Maybe start up commissions. It's a thought;

Anyway besides that! I'm enjoying my summer thus far and I hope everyone else is too! It's strange, but after Anime Expo--I've had a sudden obsession over Final Fantasy 7--Like, serious! I started looking up videos, light novels that were released with Advent Children's Complete Blu-ray edition! All that! I just feel so UMGNNMGMM<33 Right now!!

See you guys~

P.S Just an update because I feel bad for not doing so--
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!!Hello everyone!!
I will be attending Anime Expo 2012,
so be sure to visit my TABLE in Artist Ally!! joke

But it does seem like a lot of people I'm familiar with, will be going to Anime Expo this year.
They will also be selling their artwork at their tables! Pretty excited to go meet some of them this year!
Personally though, I don't think tabling at Art Ally is something I can stand to do--I would be too nervous...

But anyway, yeah! I will be at Anime Expo this year at the LA Convention Center!
For anyone else going, have fun~!
Maybe we'll see it each!!

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I literally just got back from Anime Expo maybe 20mins ago and I'm sure most of you (Or maybe not) know that Anime Expo 2011 this year held the very 1st ever Hatsune Miku concert!!!
(Using that 3D Hologram mirror like the one they used in the 2010 concert in Japan!!)/(I think they had another concert at San Francisco once around September--But I didn't hear anything about it using the Hologram feature so--If you know or went to that one, lemme know how it was!)

BUT...OMFG!! I just--I don't even know what to say...! I know it sounds crazy to spend money buying tickets to see a fictional character--But considering the amount of people I met there, and hearing how people traveled from the East side of the US just to come to Anime Expo in LA California--Now THATS crazy! Such dedication! Seriously!! It's very admiring! This has got to be the biggest highlight this entire year for me! I can't even remember if I've had anything better happen to me in the past few months...This year's Anime Expo is just amazing...(Well I've only been there for 2 days so far) But I've met SO many inspiring/famous people (I GOT TO SHAKE THEIR HANDS AND HUG THEM! OMG!!! -dies-) and a lot of amazing people attending the convention!

But anyway anyway! Back to the concert! Me and a lot of people in the crowd honestly thought we would be seeing the same rehashed stuff from the 2010 Concert in Japan...But NO!! OMG NO! We were given quite a few surprises! They played different songs, Miku had wore different outfits that are different from the 2010 concert in Japan and now only that! Rin, Len and Luka even had their own costumes too!! I don't think they had their own in the Japanese Concert? Of course our concert was a bit shorter (Like maybe 1hr and 30mins) But my god was it amazing--1st time ever in LA man!! EVER!! I just had to be there LOL. What sucks is that a LOT of my friends also got tickets but we were given assigned seats so we had to split up--But that's cool! Gave me the opportunity to meet some great people and talk to them about the convention, the concert, what they were expecting and where they were from. (Course--Most of them were from the East side of the US--Such dedication!)

But yeah--I'd LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE! To show you guys some pictures and photos, but they were pretty strict about the "No Camera, No flash Photography or Videos!" Honestly I still saw some people hiding doing it So you might find some videos online. But I also saw a few that were caught and escorted out...! But yeah good stuff--Ending was kinda sad...I honestly got a liiiittle emotional--She said "I hope to see you all again" in English too! She said some more stuff but I forgot and the crowd was screaming anyway~ but yeah! Great performance! She was a bit hard to see cause I was a little far in the back--But yeah! Still good to see her THERE with my own eyes with myself being there! (Well she's not real but--You get the idea)

Chao guys!
See you later!

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My drawing was featured in Nexon Vindictus' April 20th "Titanic Shift" Update!!
It was posted in their Update thread, talking about the various things that were added in the patch. Scroll down to the "Permanent Hair/Inner Armor" section and there, you'll see one of the short comic panel drawing I did when I entered their, "Don't you hate it when...?" Forum contest! (Which I won 2nd place in!) OMG this is SO exciting!! I totally flipped out when I saw it there!! Hahaha!! OH OH

Here's the link to the Update Thread on their site! Scroll down to the, "Permanent Hair/Inner Armor" section:…

Here was the Vindictus Forum Contest I won:…

This is so cool!! Hahahahaha!! WOOOOOOOO!!! I swear I could just twirl around in circles and go screaming into ever store like an idiot!!
....Yeah I know--I'm over exaggerating it a bit--But hey!! It's something right? I mean--To me, this is pretty damn cool! hahaha!!

But anyway on another note~ I (finally) got Pokemon White! I'm currently on the 3rd gym right now--So yeah~ If anyone wants to play or trade (I need someone to trade with--Someone I can trust!!) Then by all means~ Let me know! As for drawing request, I'll get started on that again really soon!

That's about it~
Take care!

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It's that time of year again...!
Lunar New Years! It is the time of year when all our friends and family gather and have dinner together! We chat, mingle, cheer, joke and laugh away the old year and welcome the new! We sing and dance and party hardy like them white folks do! (haha) Then, the best part! The Red Envelopes!! OOOH~ Such joy to hop from family to family and be greeted with those Red sacks of money!! But...But...
Before all that...

Is Cleaning Duties...
Yuuuuup~ If you're Asian, or even if you're not, you can relate to this...It's that time of year where your parents break into your room and go, "Get the fudge off your lazy butt cheeks and start cleaning THAT!" And boy believe me...When you hear that, it's not a good thing, especially if you've had a BUNCH of trash stocked away! But--Although I had to eat dust and get myself dirty for hours and hours a day. I kinda like doing it. Especially when it comes to cleaning my room! (I hate cleaning the backyard...We have recycled cans, and oooh~ You do NOT wanna go near those...They're wet, dirty, muddy and the best part! BUGS!! Lots of em!) When I clean my room, I sometimes run into things I left behind or though I lost when I was a kid. Today, I ran into some of my OLDEST drawings from back when I was in the 4th-5th Grade!! There was this HUGE stack under a bunch of books and cardboard...

I use to draw a LOT back then! Scribbles, doodles, mini-comics, you name it! I drew it~! It's so nostalgic running into those drawings again and seeing how much I've improved and changed through all those years!! It's quite exciting! Sadly, I never really dated my stuff--but there were hints of when which drawing was then because it was usually always related to cartoons or games I've seen at that time. I am SO glad I didn't throw these away when I last did cleaning--which was some years ago...In fact, they were pretty organized despite being under a bunch of stuff! I guess the past me knew I might one day want to look back at em~ But yeah! Hey! Maybe I might even upload some of these stuff~ Like scan em on here! There were even Original Characters I TOTALLY forgot I had! Even before my Avatar DarkSabor!!

Besides the drawings, I also picked up my High School Year Book...! It was a nice feeling to be reading through all signatures and things my friends written on there...Some I might not ever be able to see again...You know, makes me think back. I was never really popular or noticed in High School...But as years past, I was suddenly--well, a little more sociable! I mean, I had quite a bit of signature! About half of them were complimenting to how weird,stupid, or funny I was, and how I'd always be the one to make the class a little less boring with my lame jokes~ hahaha makes me feel pretty good about myself! I found my group photos taken in Prom too, and our Gradnight ones at Disneyland! Boy---Memories I'm telling ya...

But besides all that, Lunar New Years is this Thursday! Any stories anyone else would like to share? Did any of you run into anything while you were cleaning? Or if you didn't HAVE to clean...Lucky yooooou~ Anyway sorry about this LONG journal! I know no one is really gonna read through ALL this, but, it's 2am, I just finished cleaning, I should be asleep...But I'm not...I sorta also spent like...800k on dye amps in Mabinogi--haha! Oh mee~ I never learn~ Anyway! Good night!

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Pixar REALLY knows their stuff when it comes to touching stories...
I've seen the 1st Toy Story when I was just a little kid, then the 2nd after it was released.
After so many years, I heard about a 3rd one coming out, I was super excited! But I never got the chance to actually watch the movie. The theaters were ALWAYS pack. No seats and tickets were always sold out. So I never had the chance to watch it till now. And I really gotta say, the movie really hit me hard in an emotional level.

I'm a college student and I can sort of relate to when I use to play with toys. A part of me now believes that when we're older, we sorta lose touch of our imagination. I mean hell, I use to believe toys really did get up and move about when I wasn't around. (I'm not the only one right? I'm sure other kids have!) I treated toys like they were real people almost. Did everything together! When I think about what made me enjoy the 1st two in the first place was because of that thought! Thinking that toys were real!

Now looking back after watching this movie, I just feel a little more fulfilled about my childhood. Like yeah, we ALL had crap happen to us and we can all relate to that. But being happy and playing with toys is another thing we can all relate to as a kid! So why always bring up the bad side of your childhood? People always seem to remember the bad, but forget the good.

But anyway! Toy Story 3 really touched my heart. I feel like I can really relate to the situation when he was saying good bye to them and leaving for college...(I almost came to tears!) Fond memories really <3 I highly recommend people who've seen the first two, to see the 3rd one! You won't regret it, and if you don't, you're missing out!

You know, when I think about the younger generations now a days. Almost none of them plays with toys. At least the ones I've seen. I mean sometimes, here and there, but because of technology and computers, every kids is just on one of those now. It's kind of sad they don't get that experience...

But anyway, enough about ranting about a movie I saw, and a journal no one is going to read anyway haha. I'll go and start working on those drawing request again~ Only a few more to go!

Say Good Bye to the old 2010, and hello 2010!!

2010 was one hell of a year...
Personally one of my WORST Years EVEEEEER!!!
And I REALLY mean it when I say it's the worst EVER ;-;...

I hate 2010...
2010 has got to be my most unproductive, uninspired and unmotivated years of all time...Not only that, it was one of my most traumatizing years also (._.); But putting all that aside and throwing it out the window. Hopefully, 2011 will be better!! I should try harder this year to be a little more productive with my life!

I should make a list! Uh...What's it called? A New Years Resolution! Yeah! I think that's it hahah. Be great if I could push myself to go through and fulfill the entire list hahah. It'd be some kind of miracle if I were to be able too~

mmmm What should I put...?
You  guys  totally don't have to look at this, but it's just a list I might come back and check on when I have some spare time haha. BUT! Lemme know guys! What is YOUR New Years Resolution?

Here's a wack list Ima come up with right now for myself~ So excuse the horribleness of it (^u^);

-Be a little more productive!
-Get some inspiration and motivate myself!
-Get out a little more you zombie!
-Start playing sports again...It's been far too long...
-Do a little better in school~
-Try to upload more Videos on YouTube!
-Update DeviantArt more, even if it seems like pointless stuff!
-Get involved in something!
-Finish unfinished work! (Yeah I'm talking about the request >u>)
-Start again~

So! What is your New Years Resolution for 2011?
Happy New Years guys! Here's to the new year! Cheers~

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Hey Everyone!!
Anime Expo 2010 is approaching pretty quickly and I'm SUPER EXCITED!!
Hopefully, I'll be able to attend, because I haven't bought my ticket yet...
Was just wondering if I can actually go in and buy the ticket AT the convention at day 1 haha.
Oh well~ We'll see XD

Anyone else attending this year? :DD huh huh? Anyone? huh :D LOL
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It'll be my 2nd year going to Anime EXPO!!
THIS TIME, I'M GOING TO HAVE MY VERY OWN DIGITAL CAMERA!! *Haven't gotten one yet however*
But!! Whatever!! I'll probably drive out later or something to get one!! =3=

BUT HURRAY!! Lots of things to do! People to see/meet!!! I'm pretty excited about this!!
I just wanna have some FUN!!!!

Time to chill and relax a bit!!

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Hello everyone!
So I figured out what I'm FINALLY going to write about here!


Okay maybe it's nothing too dramatic that I'd need to use CAPS for...BUT!!
Since I'm relatively new here *despite my DeviantART saying I've been a member for a year now.
I'd like to know what my watchers/followers would like to see from me?

Whadda-yah want guys? 

-Fan Art?
-Art Trade?
-Original Art?
-Collaboration Art?
-Monster/Kaiju Art? 
-Landscape Art? I can always try, I mean a lot of my drawings don't have