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Black Visualstyle

It‘s a GTK2 theme “black”[link] by twigsby[link]

Thanks for his permission!

For xp visual styles

Font:Segoe UI,8.
Incluede styler theme

hope enjoy~
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2 Years has passed and this is still such a great skin. :)
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i kinda fucking love this.

good job.
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呵呵 签名挺有意思
Sorry, I ment taskbar--the bar with the system clock and start menu to be clear.
very nice,thanks.
I love this visual style, but I'm not so fond of the white toolbar. Is there any way you can release a new version with a black toolbar substyle?
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Toolbar or taskbar?
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Now that's what I'm talking about! A smooth and minimalistic theme. Great job mate... One thing. Maybe you can do the taskbar black.
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I have tried my best to maintain the original styles,thanks for your recommendations,i think i would to do so.
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Very nice!
Now if only this had a sub-style with the font set to Tahoma (size 8)... :)
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Nice work dude~ thanks for sharing. :D
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Sorry. Folder: "Shell". lot of files, they are used?
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Sorry,because i am not good to make the shell files,so i add some Ready-made files.
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simple and great! LIKE IIIIIIIT :)
Ps: don´t want you to do also taskbar in black?
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