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Bondage sleepover: Saturday
Annie woke up in an unfamiliar bed. Stretching her stiff limbs, she tried remembering why.  Then, some muffled moaning came from the side of the bed. Annie looked over the edge of the bed to see her friend Amanda hogtied with handcuffs, gagged with a ball gag and blindfolded with a scarf.  She suddenly remembered the events of last night. She had come to Amanda for a sleepover, and after a series of events, it had ended up in her getting involved in some bondage games. She didn't really know a lot about it, so it had scared her at first, and for payback she had tied Amanda up like that for the night.  "How can she even sleep like that?"
My fantasy part 1
  The doorbell rings. Lazily, I get up from the computer and head down. Once there, I open the door.  My eyes go wide in surprise as I see who it is. It's my girlfriend. We haven't talked in almost a week. I had told her about my secret interest in bondage, and it seemed like she was avoiding me from that point on.  "Why are you here?" I ask nervously. I notice the large duffel bag she is carrying.  "To surprise you" she says with a smile, like if nothing ever happened between the two of us.  "In a good or bad way?" I wonder, but keep that in my thoughts.  She just steps inside and goes upstairs to my room.  "Are you coming?" she
Drone or Home [COM]
swimsuit and zentai
Fred Saves Daphne From An Abandoned Prison B
Takane and more troubles

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