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Hello guys!! :wave:

Firstly, thank you all so very much for the lovely birthday wishes!:love: I was really touched and you made my day even better:D Super-BIG-thank you and I wish you all the best as well!Huggle! 

It's been over a year and a half since I last wrote a journal (not shitting you), actually more, since that last journal was about a livestream. I'm thinking it's high time to dust this front page off a bit with a shiny new journal!Sweating a little... 

So where the heck have I been and what have I done all this time? Well I was doing freelance work for a while after taking my hiatus. That kept me busy for half a year, and got me some great experience with working professionally as an artist. Then during the summer of 2013, I pretty much out of nowhere got the opportunity to do an interview for Atomhawk. They were looking to fill the position of Concept Artist, and since it had pretty much been my dream to work for them for years, I went for it. I had the greatest shock of my life when I actually got the position!I am a dummy! 

After that I had to quickly pack my stuff and move to England, to a tiny town called Newcastle, so I could actually work in the studio. And from then on life's been a whole bunch of good! One and a half years of working in a studio has done more good for my art and work experience than I ever thought. I'm having sooo much fun! Working in different styles and super cool projects - Pottermore being the favorite and only one I can mention right now B-) (Cool)  - and being surrounded by super skilled artists all day that I can talk about art with anytime. Yeah you can probably tell art is my biggest passion haha. 

Of course, working full time means I have little time over for personal art, which is the reason why I'm barely uploading anything anymore. However, I've finally gotten used to the new life in England and I've been painting more and more on my own stuff:) I'm hoping to start sharing my art online again very soon and get back in touch with people. w00t! 

Anyways, just wanted to share the going-ons and whatnot and letting you know that I still live! Braaaaains... 

Also I just wanted to thank you all for your messages during this busy time. I'm sorry i haven't been able to answer you all, but I hope you know that the support means a lot to me!:tighthug:

Mucho :love:

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Hey guys:) Another livestream will happen tonight at:… at 10pm GMT. Feel free to stop by and join the chat, or just watch me slap paint around:shrug: :) Hope to see you there^^
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... I'm actually going to get off my lazy ass to do one! I was thinking of doing one on how I paint faces, since it's by far the most popular request. But before I decide upon it, and since I'm doing it for YOU guys, I'd love to hear what you'd be most interested in seeing/learning from this tutorial?

What brushes I use? How I pick my skin tones? Just small pointers like that would help me out and maybe give me some kind of general direction. It would at least make it more fun than just a regular ol' step by step of how I paint^^;

Maybe it's silly to ask this, but I'm kinda fishing for ideas here >_> Any help is appreciated!

Ps. Would you like me to do smaller but more detailed tutorials later on how I paint noses and eyes and stuff like that too?
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I'm ashamed that it took me this long, but thanks all for all the birthday wishes, and presents, people! Big thanks! I had a great birthday, and my friend :iconzolaida: who came to visit me all the way from Netherlands, celebrated with me, which was a fantastic gift in itself:D dA can be a great place to meet new friends, great indeed. Got another collaboration coming up soon, too;)

For those interested in commissioning me: I'm currently working on a price list! So many have asked me for a commission, and I've not been able to give sufficient answer about pricing so far (sorry about that:(), but soon the list will be up.

Well I don't know what else to say. Crack on ladies and gentlemen!
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My Tumblr
Lets be buds on Twitter:D

... you would like to get feature from me.:) I think it's about time to pick the Watchers Features back up. It was a lot of fun last time:la: I'll feature the ones who didn't get a feature last year, and if there are unfeatured watchers who'd like to get featured, please comment in this journal, and I'd love to feature you too:D

And now I'm off to sleep.
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My Tumblr
Lets be buds on Twitter:D

And ages since I wrote anything personal too. Whoa. My poor dA journal -_-
Guess this is what happens when you're working on three projects at the same time, while learning how to drive and planning flights to Netherlands with your bud ^^;
Times are wierdly crazy and calm at the same time. I hope I'll adapt to this new life soon. Maybe then I'll finally be able to start uploading decent art here again. Not been doing too well there >_> Always so many ideas, but so little time. I mean, take sleep. Why do humans need it? It's a waste of time haha. We could have done soooo much more if we just didn't need sleep.
Guess I'll do coffee for the rest of my life:shrug:

My friend Howlseage is uploading some lovely, inspirational videos on his Youtube channel, and I thought I'd share it with you guys:)…
He's talking about some really nice things, while painting at the same time. Check it out:)

I'll go pick up my laundry now. Hope you guys are ok, and well.
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For those interested, check them out here:) Hope this helps you in some way. Cheers!
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My livestream music list for those who wanted it:)

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 13, 2013, 5:15 AM

Sorry it's late, I'd completely forgotten about this with everything that's been going on this week. Here it is now finally. I've also added a link to the list for anyone who uses Spotify(…):

The Clash – Rock The Casbah
Band Of Skulls – The Devil Takes Care Of His Own
Mat Kearney – Here We Go
Mat Kearney – Sooner Or Later
Mat Kearney – Closer To Love
Mat Kearney – Fire & Rain
The Raconteurs – Consoler Of The Lonely
OneRepublic – Good Life
OneRepublic – Say (All I Need)
Bat For Lashes – Moon And Moon
Metric – Help I'm Alive
3OH!3 – Set You Free
Oh Mercy – Can't Fight It
Bottletop Band – Voices
Anjulie – Boom
The Heavy – Big Bad Wolf
Teddybears – Rocket Scientist
Oasis – Falling Down
Sia – Death By Chocolate
La Roux – In For The Kill
Iron And Wine – Boy With a Coin
A Fine Frenzy – Almost Lover
Corinne Bailey Rae – Like a Star
Robbie Williams – Beyond The Sea - Finding Nemo
Robbie Williams – Rock DJ
Nicole Kidman – Sparkling Diamonds
Robbie Williams – Mack The Knife
Robbie Williams – Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me
Fall Out Boy – Dance, Dance
Finger Eleven – Paralyzer
Chris Cornell – You Know My Name
Sabi – Wild Heart
Train – Drive By
Pilothill – The Uprising
Snow Patrol – The Lightning Strike
Urban Cone – Searching for Silence
Imagine Dragons – Radioactive
Imagine Dragons – Demons
Imagine Dragons – On Top Of The World
Imagine Dragons – Tiptoe
Urban Cone – The Prom
Take That – Rule The World - Radio Edit
Erik Hassle – Hurtful
M83 – Midnight City
Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work
Capital Cities – Safe and Sound
Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Atlas Hands
Peter Bjorn And John – Second Chance
Adrian Lux – Teenage Crime - Radio Edit
Alex Clare – Too Close
Oh Land – Sun Of A Gun
The Happy Hippo Family – Settle for Gold
Criminals – Feel This
Ross Copperman – Holding On And Letting Go
Bloc Party – Signs
The Naked And Famous – Young Blood
Stjepan Hauser – The Resistance
Kings Of Leon – Use Somebody
Bobby Timmons – Moanin'

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Livestreaming (off)

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 9, 2013, 11:16 AM

COME JOIN:D Last time was so much fun:hug: You guys are amazing. Thanks for joining my humble stream hehe.…

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*Merry Christmas!*

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 24, 2012, 2:55 AM

I hope you'll all have a great day today. I really, really do. I hope that something will make you smile. Even once is good, but twice is of course better:):)
Take care:)

Loads virtual :glomp:s from me to you, and Merry Christmas.

Ps. Thank you all of you I haven't answered yet for the help in my previous journal. You were really nice:)

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Did you get my new painting in your messages?

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 14, 2012, 10:06 AM

Please could you help me a little by taking the time to check if you got this: Alice: Madness Returns collaboration by Viccolatte in your messages today? I uploaded it once and it didn't work, so I just want to make sure the second time. Thank you so much for your help!

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Just posting this because my little info box on my profile seems to go unnoticed, so I wanted to make it easier for people to find commission information by posting a journal.

Commission status: OPEN
Requests: CLOSED
Group invites: please don't bother to invite me, I've stopped joining groups because I'm in so many already.

When and if I open for commissions I'll post a journal with all the info included. If you're watching me, you'll get the update:)
I'll say right now that I won't be opened for many more months.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in this journal.

Wanna know what artbooks/anatomy books/etc I have?

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 23, 2012, 9:18 AM

Hey peeps:)

I was just thinking - since I'm really into my studies right now - I thought I'd share what I'm actually doing studies from? I have tons of different anatomy books, a lot of "Art of" books, art books I've gotten from museums, books and sketchbooks from different artists. And just a variety of books I've found helpful to have as inspiration and to get ideas from.

Is this anything you might be interested in? I'll do a big post on my tumblr if you are:)
And I know, I haven't really shared what I've been doing and what I've learned these past couple months, but this is because of time pressure and other stuff... I will start that sketchbook thread on after I finish the class I'm taking right now. I will.

Hope you're well!

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So, computer fixed and working flawlessly at last. You'll be seeing livestreams from me again now that I'm pretty sure my dear compy can handle it. Anything specific you'd like to see me do in the livestreams? Don't get any wierd ideas though...:bucktooth:

And you'll be seeing Watcher's features continue from where I left them off. You guys didn't think I'd forgotten about those EH?;)

And what the heck is going on with all my journal skins, none of them work properly except for the default dA one :shrug:
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My computer has broken

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 10, 2012, 1:21 AM

Just wanted to explain why I've not been very active in answering comments. So sorry for not being able to answer them all my dear watchers!
Problem is that my friggin memory card has given up on my beautiful notebook, and I'm right now hoping that it won't crash on me right now this very instant, like it has done for I don't know how long now.

I'm sending it in for fixing very soon so hopefully I'll be back "for real" and can finally answer you and talk to all you again:) Thanks for all the lovely comments so far on my and Zolaida's collaboration piece, you're all friggin adorable gaaaaah.:glomp::tighthug:

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Alright, enough of this.

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 27, 2012, 10:34 AM

Life's still gonna be hard no matter how long a break I take or how much time passes or how long I wait for things to start looking up again, so I say to you now life... YOU AIN'T GONNA STOP ME NO MORE.

I guess I'm back.

Missed you dA. Even with all your bugs and wierd ideas.


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dA, bye for now.

Journal Entry: Tue May 22, 2012, 3:48 AM

For those of you who have asked where I'm at, and I should've probably said this much earlier (sorry about being an ass at keeping in touch right now...:(), but I'm on a long needed break from dA... and I'm not sure when I'll be back.
It all depends on how fast I progress with my goals and skills. So this means that you won't see any updates for a while. Not until I feel proud of my art again, at least.
I hope to come back to dA soon and talk to all you nice, supportive people again. But for now, art is what I need to live and breathe.

Sorry for those of you who haven't got your features yet, when I'm back, the feature journals will be as well, and all of you who are still waiting will get the feature!:hug:

But! I'll very soon start a sketchbook on, so those of you who are still interested in what I'm doing, can follow me there later. I'll probably upload some sketches on my Tumblr as well now and then.

For my collab buddies: I'll continue keeping in touch with notes:)

If you have questions, or anything else, I'll most likely answer you by e-mail from now on, at

Bye dA! I'll miss you, and I wish you watchers all the best!:tighthug:

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Watchers Feature no. 6

Journal Entry: Fri May 11, 2012, 2:44 PM

Time for one more feature. Can't believe that this is the 6th feature already! It's still just as fun:) Still got tons of you watchers left, and I'm looking forward to featuring all of you who were interested in one:D Just make sure to check out if you've been featured yet, since I don't send out messages to those who got a feature. It would just take too long... sorry about that!

Here they are then:

Fading away by mannyyannipennynanny Uriel by a-look-of-lunacy Legend of Zelda by iliasPatlis:thumb301283239: Fisherboy by Gnuchi Fire Flower by Gnuchi Oak Mermaid by Myrmirada PotC: Captain Barbossa by freshberries:thumb216919328: No name by Ayagirl-2011 Bath in red by milli-san Gift - Kierra by Ruby-Lament:thumb298586730: wicked lady and mistress nine by MARoy Colors that run by JayGostar:thumb296531064: Half by TapetalCookie Dollhouse game poster by svarthvitt I see the light by MagykDisneyRide Pretty colors by whatifitwaspurple Beautiful One II by Einwegherz Rapunzel and the magic flower by Iskrena Flying With the Fish by cathyrox flowerhead by tinayan:thumb298073261: LOK: Firebending Exam by IslandWriter Natalie Portman Drawing by CorbinHunter Flower Child by ihazart My Demonic Ghost- Page oneCHAPTER ONE: PAGE ONE
I use to not fear death but now it follows me behind every turn. I was nervous. Visibly nervous, my fingers didn't let my luggage handle go since the beginning of the trip. It must've been nearly two years ago when I last rode the Whitehaven train alone.
It was a two hour trip with the clattering and whinging of train wheels rolling over their tracks. But now I hardly noticed, I hardly noticed anything anymore. My eyes were glued to the endless passing of water down below, its navy glow reflecting off the orange and faded pink tinge spread across the sky. The sun, it was setting, tucking itself back into its slumber behind the lips of the far mountains. I had lingered on the edge of sleep through most of the trip.  
My hard case luggage rocked against me as the slither of the train ducked its head into a nest of hills and houses. The stretch of endless blue sea vanished without a moment's notice as I entered the mouth of the tunnels. The silence of the v
ERIDAN. by Spruik

Thanks for showing interest people:) Please favve and all that shebang. It would surely help the artists:blowkiss: Thanks!

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Watchers Feature no. 5

Journal Entry: Tue May 8, 2012, 3:22 PM

Hey again! It's time for feature numero five of my watchers works.
But before that... about 700 or so people answered "yes" on the "do you want a feature" poll, but I'm pretty sure many of you didn't actually comment to let me know who you are, so that I can actually give you a feature. So don't hesitate to comment on this journal if you didn't comment on the poll or on the feature journals yet, I'll still feature you if you wanna:)

Alright, I've finally gotten to you lovely watchers who commented on the journals:love: So if you commented on journal no. 1, you might be in this feature:) If you're not there yet, don't worry, you will be in the upcoming features.

You guys keep inspiring me, and I hope this feature will inspire you as much as me, too.
Please favve to give these artists even more exposure!:heart: Thanks for the support:)

3 Marvel girls coloured by ginmau The Twilight Princess by MrsMagalink MS: Mission 2 by tshuki SS: Trevi by RLacrouse Koinobori by shiropanda Rin Tezuka by Katantoon Korra's Homeland by MeTaa From the darkness by OanaZ The Heartless Lady by Azalane Gryphon by Kaelibae Below by obsessedkitten Behind the flash by Namae-san The Forties are Cool by AlyssaTallent Pony Car by theZakon Typical by mishelin 104 by JellyJulia:thumb294052446: Challenge 23 - 'Sherlock' Mystery by Yami-Tsuki Geisha - Copic Coloring Contest by Ascadelia Skyboarding by kenfan0206 Okumura Rin by sofalart

Mature Content

League of Legends - Miss Sarah Fortune by Sarafinah Traditional Portrait by Riemea Top of the World by Vishw Ghost -Beneath the surface- by 5t4RwY:thumb264676106: Water by BlackDistraction:thumb118854842: Otherworld by MarsiaMS:thumb297109529: Gown by adlovett FSM 08 by bleedingmoon114 Monarchy of roses by BBlle Looks like it isn't going away by BurnChocolateForFree Sally Coloring Page by casshimee

Thanks guys for the continuing interest in these features!

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Watchers Feature no. 4

Journal Entry: Fri May 4, 2012, 7:43 AM

Sorry for posting this a day late! I couldn't get online yesterday, and to make up for it I'll push this feature to Tuesday next week, so everyone gets equal time... not that I think anyone cares about it anyway haha, but just thought I'll let you guys know:)

Also, I want to take the chance and apologize for leaving so many comments unanswered. Life has been... chaotic, and for several weeks I've barely been online more than 15 minutes a day. But things are settling down, so I'll be much more active now again. Thanks for your patience!:hug:

Here's todays features! Please give these artists some love and support:heart:

sol by erin-margaret Free Music by DiiaR Spirited Away by alexandresama Naomi Miura by PEACHROS3 Lee-4 Edited by HalanLore Paper Cranes... by Skuldpt Spring Rose Dress by Codex-Echo Sky by Szarpistruna Spread your Wings by xPerfugium:thumb179499328: DS drawing - Sakura by Yoshishi-chan:thumb286217257: Progress by Lise-E Back off by Aerilien HOT WIRED #1 : The Art of Carl Riley - Cover Art by Carl-Riley-Art Upgrade version by S-U-U-N:thumb244962324::thumb281952747::thumb293521187: Winged Vanity by Morgainelefee Pisa Tower I by Djsgirl Sheep in the Big City -Handmade plush by Piquipauparro

This ends all the requests from the poll. Next, I'll start featuring all you lovely people who answered to the feature journals themselves, so watch out!:)


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