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Snow White

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So I wasn't sure whether to upload this thingie , but my bestie literally forced me to (grumble grumble), and I guess I want to make good on my promise to upload more often, so here gooooooes! *stupid happy dance* Just something simple I worked on for fun during this week - this is my take on a film-noir sort of poster of a modern Snow White. I turned this into something way more dynamic in the middle of the process, but decided to just make a new painting of that particular idea (will probably upload it soon too). 

Anyway, thanks for checking it out. Looking forward to sharing more with you guys:)
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this is so amazing! btw your anatomy is like perfect, wtf
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Omfg thats so good 
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Amazing texture skills
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This looks beautiful ! What program did you use ? 
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Ah right ! I asked because the brushes you used (I can tell by the brushstrokes visible) really look like the ones I use on Krita (another drawing program if you have ever heard of it) But I absolutely love the result !
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Ah cool! Can't say I've heard of that program (so many these days O_o) but sounds interesting:)
This picture is love
This picture is life.
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Omg haha:D Wish I could fave this comment cuz it's too awesome:D
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I wonder if I will hear soundwaves next time I eat an apple...

The way you did just a little perky light glimmer from the apple and made it slightly pink fits obviously with those sound wave thingies, and the blue in her eyes is perfect for going with all of that. Beautiful.
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Extra excellent!
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Many thanks to you!:D
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You could tell that it was painted by a person (sorry, bad trait) (:( Sorry) And Snow looks so... I dunno... OML.... mysterious....
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Beautifully painted and I really like the coloring :) Grey colors with this red / pink / purple look simply great!
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Yeah they make for a nice warm/cold contrast:) Love that stuff:D Thanks so much for your kind words:)
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perfect! nice job Vicco
Viccolatte's avatar
Cheers, my friend:)
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This looks amazing! Really good shading and colours :D I love it!~ :3
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Thanks so much!:D Glad you liked her:D
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Awesome pic!!!! is really beautiful her face!
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