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Legend of the Cryptids - Elf Queen

By Viccolatte
Elven queen with a magical unicorn flying zebra. 
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© 2017 - 2021 Viccolatte
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This is truely beautiful!
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I would like to second the opinion that it makes no sense for her to be white, not as a diss to the artist but just so it's out there and maybe people in the future will not take it for granted that all characters should be
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No idea why it doesn't make sense for you to have an elven queen be white, traditionally elves are white, so it's no surprise they asked me to paint her as such. I'm also not sure why it's a problem that there's an elven lady having a winged unicorn zebra as her animal companion, this is fantasy, not the real world. Even so I certainly wouldn't think twice about it if seeing an african/asian magician/whatever depicted next to say a bear/penguin/reindeer, no one culture/fantasy culture "owns" some kind of right to be painted next to certain animals.
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I respect that opinion, I suppose my concern was more that in the 100s of characters this company has they seem to be almost 100% white -- having a desert-themed character be white seems like intentionally ignoring an opportunity to be more inclusive. 
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I would suggest making your opinion heard by the company who produces the game --  as it's not very kind to Viccolatte for you to complain to her for doing what she was PAID to do for this painting.
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I never intended to be unkind, only to bring some different perspectives forward
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Go 'head and make your own version then, no need to throw your opinion around as though it's superior to the artist's and then bash this artist for a COMMISSIONED piece.  Your virtue signaling, nothing more.  
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I just said I wasn't trying to bash the artist at all, I understand that it's a commissioned piece. You may call it virtue signaling if you like, my intention is to just raise awareness of the concept. It is not in the artist's best interest to go away from the concept of the commission, but for others who are browsing comments, I don't think it hurts to develop an idea of diversity. Furthermore, as long as it's polite, I don't think offering opinions is inappropriate or bashing.
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Your artwork is amazing! So beautiful!
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WOW!!! SOO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This is what I would imagine if Princess Zelda wore a female Zorua armor suit.
Viccolatte's avatar
HA! Didn't think of that but yeah totally:D
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I'm sorry, but you can't domesticate a Zebra.
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Sorry. It just can't be done.
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Zebras. You can't tame them.
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I got you the first time. 
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This is beautiful beyond words can say!
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Thank you so much:)
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