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Fae Queen

Another purple creation! This one was a real rollercoaster to paint. And some cool news! She might appear in Atomhawk's Art of Atomhawk Vol. 2! Please support us and get a book full of awesome art, tutorials and other goodies:…

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You might already know this but someone is promoting their "writing" using this piece on Instagram as a sponsored thing
The fact that they didn't make the piece isn't mentioned until under the read more
Just letting you know in case they don't have permission for this, the insta is @hasanstorywriter
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This is an exceptional piece.
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Those eyes!! I'm dead because this is such a beautifully done work!
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Beautiful colours!
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So beautiful! Wow 
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Oh. All the purples are stunning. Her colorful eyes are so bright, I love the framing of this, the color, dark to light, of the flowered horn crown and the little fairy all focusing in on those eyes.
Her eyes are so mesmering.  I love your use of color in this one.
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wow amazing! And the eyes are awesome *.*
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It's my favourite colour and I love the sparkling big eyes. Heart 
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creepy awesome :D Nice work :)
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omfg WOW!!!I Excellent work!:squee:Nuu I think I've fainted.  
sooooooooo pretty
Great colors, and her eyes...gosh, like the whole space
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oh lorrrdy the colouring in the eyes is beyond amazing ;w ;
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You're very kind, thank you:)
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Looks like Luna Lovegood
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This is AWESOME!!!   OMG Eyepopping Nuu
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Oml I love this -she don't need a fairy on her finger she is so beautiful!! <3
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