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March 14, 2011
Color drops by *Viccolatte.
=milyKnight said: "Color drops by *Viccolatte is pure beauty. Can't express my amazement in words...Simply stunning!".
=alicexz said: "Stellar fantasy work from a very talented digital painter. The combination of color is just mindblowing, and the painting has such a wonderful, whimsical mood".
=MyLastBlkRose said: "I am in complete awe when looking at this. The extreme detail and gorgeous colors make it almost 'Pop' out at you. Beautifully done".
~vashael said: "This is incredibly stunning. I love the colours, the flow and details in her hair and the beautiful fishes that surround her. It is absolutely mesmerizing and reminds me of all the wonders of the ocean".
*Minato-Kushina said: "It attracts your attention with the first glance! The colors that match each other so fine, the expressive pose of the mermaid, as well as all the exotic fishes, they all give to this detailed painting a brilliant touch, you feel like you are indeed underwater. Absolutely check the rest of this beautiful gallery!".
(Suggested by `exillior, ~Rosella-of-Daventry, =milyKnight, =alicexz, =MyLastBlkRose, ~vashael, *Minato-Kushina and =Cilitra)
Featured by Atramina
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Color drops

A bit of color-exercising... Love love love the fishies!!!
Worked some good amount of time on this, and will probably go back to it later to touch up here and there, but for now, I'm leaving it as it is.

I want to swim when I look at this, haha.

Ps. Thanks HUGELY much for all the comments and incredibly sweet words. I'm amazed by the attention this piece was given. More amazed when I saw how many comments you guys wrote, so I just wanted to make sure to thank you ALL :love: so I don't miss anyone out, even if I don't respond to all the comments.

Edit 2: What the... what the AAAAH? A Daily Deviation? I can't believe it!!!! OH MY GOD! I mean oh my goood!

THANK YOU A THOUSAND TIMES: exillior, Rosella-of-Daventry, milyKnight, alicexz, MyLastBlkRose, vashael, Minato-Kushina and Cilitra for suggesting! And thank you Atramina so much for featuring this!
I wish I could hug you all! :tighthug:

Edit (again moahahaha!): fixed anatomy and facial mistakes.


The work contained in my gallery is copyrighted ©2008-2012 Viktoria Gavrilenko (*Viccolatte) All rights reserved. My work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written expressed permission.
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Love, love, love this piece.  The colors are amazing.  Beautiful!
ignierin's avatar
This piece and the colours are gorgeous. 💜
IanjaNyu's avatar
You definitively know how to match colors !! Really nice !!!!
Viccolatte's avatar
Aw thanks so much for such a kind comment! :heart:
the-mirrors-wish's avatar
I'm loving the textures in this piece. The colors are beautiful together, and the painting technique is remarkable. Wonderful work!
MZ77's avatar
This use of color is mind-blowing! Beautiful!
fullcolour-canvas's avatar
your colouring technique is wonderful!i can feel the volume of all creatures,the flow of her hair and such :icongoodjob-plz:
it is amazing and you deserve the dd!:iconloveloveplz:
Cover254's avatar
I apologize to you because I took this photo to edit and do one so-called PSD. Expect you to forgive me.
CoFon's avatar
very nice colors!
Viccolatte's avatar
Thank you! You have lovely arts yourself:)
princessireneofceres's avatar
Lovely! What species of fish are they?
Imangee's avatar
Queen Angels maybe.
ConstellationEffect's avatar
This is really beautiful.
HoriaBlanda's avatar
friendlyFATTY's avatar
amazing use of color patterns.  I also like the way u drew the hair! 
Viccolatte's avatar
Thanks hehe:) It was a fun one, altho it took me aaages..
moonmystery's avatar
I love the way you drew her hair! I can see every strand!
Crelcreation's avatar
This is just so beautiful CCC:
fainisyo's avatar
she's beautiful!
EmeraldEquinox's avatar
Totally beautiful!!
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