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Birthday Geisha

By Viccolatte
Happy birthday :party: my beloved sister! You are the best sis there is! I love you very much! :love:

This is (duuuh) my birthday gift for my little sis, a geisha with a "twist". She's a bit more dangerous that the usual geisha (although I know very little about geisha so correct me if I'm wrong here) and throws knifes and stuff. Just like my sis wanted her to be!


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Excelent artwork, great composition and color sense.Nod Clap 
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She is a female ninja called a Kunoichi - skilled and deadly and beautiful!!  She is really beautiful!!
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Yah she's kicking ass haha:D Glad you like her!
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I do - I love how you captured her grace!
wonderful work 
very beautiful ! Thank's for the pleasure..
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Beautiful! But her attire looks more chinese/korean especially with her hair that way (geisha wear their hair in 4 different quadrants & it's all up with no kenzashi, unlike maiko)
Oiran though would wear parts of their hair down
(geisha don't sell their virginity btw, that's some western stereotype & Memoirs of a Geisha just makes the stereotype THAT much worse. I recommend reading what memoirs of a geisha was actually based on.. it's called "Geisha, a Life." Written by an actual retired Geisha, which whom Arther Golden; the guy who wrote memoirs of a geisha took her story to make his book into a westerners erotic fantasy. Real Geisha/maiko make fun of Memoirs of a Geisha because of how "silly" it is. At the time Memoirs of a Geisha came out, at the premiere actual maiko & geisha were invited & didn't see much correlation in the movie to what really goes on. Geisha/Maiko are Much different & boring compared to what movies make it out to be. They are literally like japanese ballerinas. Not prostitutes. Oiran (aka: castle toppers) were the prostitutes back in the day. That's why their obi is tied in the front & not a geisha or maikos which is tied in the back. I could go on lol....

your art is spectacular. Sooooo beautiful.
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Oh cool! Very interesting! Yeah unfortunately orientalism doesn't pretty much what it wants with all kinds of cultures, but hopefully most people have enough sense not to buy into it too much, and take it with a grain of salt:) 
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A truly beautiful illustration.
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This is magnificent. Beautiful work
very nice! btw do permit someone to copy your artwork? if not then check this [link]
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Thank you:3 No, I did not permit the use for that, I've been talking to this artist asking him to remove it, but he decided to do as he wishes. I've emailed the website so hopefully this will be resolved soon.
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the colors are so vivid and alive, i envy your work, but it will make me work harder at trying, and also getting a tablet for photoshop hahahaa
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beautiful... harmonious and inspiring art =)
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this is really good
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Gorgeous colors, and I like how she is pretty, but not demure! :)
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amazing artwork
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