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phew~, took me longer than i expected...i first wanted to upload it in the morning before going to work, because it would be definitely the day of all hallows eve then, but, it IS friday already, so here you are.

all sanji/jack fangirls may squeal in amusement now~

in the middle of working on this i finally recognized that brook would've fit into that quite perfectly. someday i'll draw both living skeletons~. i think they would get along pretty well ;D

oh, and sanji is dressed up as a vampire, not sure if you can see that vampy-tooth there. i think it's the perfect costume, so he can get to a lot of women and "bite" them ;)

sanji belongs to grandmaster oda
jack skellington belongs to tim burton
and don't steal my work please~

~Sarah-Dipity for the mask brush

let's go to sleep. i'll be so dead tomorrow D:
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Sanji: Nami-swan! Robin-chwan! I'm biting you out of love!

Jack: And I'm not even engaged! It's saddening!

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*le squee of amazement*
YAAY Jack and Sanjiii!!! :squee:
Dead-O-matiC's avatar
wow nice one gratz!!!
vicber's avatar
hey thank you! 8)
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I squealed in amusement~

Instant fave my dear~
vicber's avatar
xD you squealed! thank you~!
zoro-swordsman's avatar
Yes I did! You're quite welcome~ :hug:
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Sanji WOULD bite them. hahahaha
vicber's avatar
with pleasure! heheh!
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Great work! :D

Well, Sanji and Jack together doesn´t fit to me... But the results you´re showing says that they do! :w00t:

And nice brush effects and BG, they pack the whole image a bunch! ^___^
vicber's avatar
thank you!
i know..they don't have too much in common...hey, they're both gentlemen..!
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nice work :D
love the dark atmosphere :D
vicber's avatar
yays, thank you! 8D
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Jack and Sanji together, yes. Really nice pic.
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Is this, like, a Tim Burton/Japan Animeverse Non-Smoking Ad Campaign?
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yeah, i only forgot to add the text "don't smoke, kids, or you'll end up as a singing skeleton". xD
great idea you've got there~ :D
Cervallon's avatar
Just occured to me, seeing a skeleton and a smoker together.

Ah, I am a heavy smoker, by the bye..

Those ads have little effect on me.

Once you're in, there's no out.

So if ever I have children, and catch them at it, they will find out EXACTLY how

"Smoking Kills":

Your Mama Will Kill You.
vicber's avatar
ouch, i feel pity for your least a little~ :D
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Really cool concept!
Happy halloween~!
vicber's avatar
thank you!! 8D
iwantmyanime's avatar
Happy Halloween! This looks so cool! x3
vicber's avatar
thank you! x)
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