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i'm now calling it a finished painting! :|
started it last winter~.

inspired by this song. it's german though, but there's an english translation in the video.

acrylics on canvas, time felt like forever unknown
little people © vicber
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This is really breathtaking. I love all the detail - I love the crisp textures. 
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Ich hab dir dazu eigentlich schon genug gesagt!!!

The light reflection is strange and most of the time it comes from the wrong angle!

...for those who didn't notice it...

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You know you rock, right?

Loved and fav'd 1,000 times!!!!! That blue! It's so.............deep, and.........beautiful. D:
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i still have to paint around the edges ... good thing you can't see those. x)

i'm happy you like it! thank you so much!!!
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Yes! No problem!
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Such pretty work~ :clap:
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thank youuu! ;)
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You're welcome my dear~ :D
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Ohhhh, gorgeous colors and composition. I love how the iceberg kind of looks like a vibrant blue skull of some kind.
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interesting interpretation! it more reminded me of a meteor while i was painting it, but that might be because it had more of a green touch in the process^^. thank you very much~. :heart:
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thank you! 8D
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