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Well you may expect several comments from me soon, since I've been absent from doing anything, I've felt bad as a watcher, so i'm doing my best to comment on what i can to as a Compensates for my long absence, ofc i can't do it on every single one, but i will do what i can, and i know it's not necessary but i feel like doing it anyway OTL
I'm trying my best to make every single comment different than the others, some may be so simple so i'm sorry if i can't say much but do know i appreciate the effort put into your work

I Have over 100,000 profile pages to explore from the lama section (sounds impossible but i've been browsing around 1000 every week since begging of new year) it helped me discover new artists,  Currently I have 10000 more to go

Browse 20,000 deviations, browse some journals (though i will go easy on this one, i don't read many journals, unless it's important/or related to art or commissions) 

Of course, once i'm done that doesn't mean i will stop, but i may be slower, though i will do what i can in my free time, i have so many things to do atm too, I need to decorate the descriptions on my deviations because i realized how bad & messy it's to read it and how ugly my profile page is, i've never bothered to use journal skins too but that may change soon.
Oh & i have  shitty connection, so that make things harder xD it's gonna take forever, but that's ok, i got some free time, i will jsut take my time

Currently working on some LoveSongs adopts Which i will create it's colors from some of the suggestions i got from my previous post :)

Thanks for your understanding

Tl;DR: i will post more activity as much as i can
Bruticusdude65 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
its ok
VibrantSnow Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Well it's almost an impossible challenge, but i believe i can do it lol
Not that bad at multi-tasking 
Bruticusdude65 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
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Submitted on
June 29, 2017