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They recently just released The technical preview version of SAI Ver.2 Today but i didn't try it yet, i hope it at least fixes this annoying small UI problem

Regarding the Windows 10 problem

I always thought Sai was outdated since we didn't get Final release of Sai 2 yet, For some odd reason Sai 12.0 worked fine in my previous PC windows 10, but when i switched over to my laptop with Windows 10 on it, Sai interface become very small, I have official Sai program from site directly installed and Registered, & the only solution that worked for me is to switch to lower resolution but i didn't feel comfortable with that & it was glitchy so it was annoying, i'm using CSP instead now since it's only option

I'm wondering, is this more of a computer problem or a Windows 10 problem? iirc Sai does not support 4k Resolution, and my laptop is 4k by default, while my previous pc didn't have 4k and Sai worked fine with it on Windows 10, I've seen few others who had this same problem

Oh yeah also I would appreciate it if you try to give something helpful instead of just saying upgrading to Windwos 10 was a mistake, because as i said, this didn't happen in my older pc, but just on my laptop

Edit: I just tried it now, unfortunate you can't open any file or save, just draw or paint on plain white paper, but at least it proves they weren't dead, let's hope they release a workable version
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June 1, 2017


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