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Published: May 10, 2017
Me & My friend , around 2 weeks ago imgur.com/a/z7jbb we talked about what will happen if Some contestants does not manages to finish in time before the deadline, then their prizes will be reduced, or they are placed to last place, even if their Entry creativity & quality has surpassed others, but rules are rules sorry, Not to mention, me & Vio both have things to do as well, i think that 2 months should've been enough time by default, letting other contestants wait too much would be unfair for them & for me or her, we can't imagine Holding every contest for 3 months, that's way too long if you had to ask me, So i kindly ask if you can finish it before 14th, that would totally be great & appreciated, we don't want anyone to lose/retire or everyone else to wait for way too long either, unless there is some kind of very special condition that will lead me to delay it

I'm trying to be understanding as real life conditions can get in the way as well, but you have to understand you are not alone with that, I've been having rough days myself as well all of a sudden and i really want to end the current contest as soon, as you can see i've not submitted any actual contest since 2 weeks due to lack of time recently as i now have 9 hours work starting from morning + Study tests & that already stresses me enough

if everyone finishes in time before deadline, then do not worry, no Results will be effected, they will be judged normally, based on both Quality & Creativity

We will end  in 14th with PDT Time Zone, or AST, however, if you wish to give me a different Time Zone then don't hesitate to let me know, i will not mind sitting enough time for you to make it before the end

Stay tuned, We will also make a second contest after the break from this current contest, so keep in the look :D
People who joined before can also try to apply for chance to enter again.

PS: Don't judge her grammar, English isn't her first language.

Pinging Edalie-chan - vente3141 to get notified, i also noted who did not finish outside dA

You still have few days, we just hope you finish in time to avoid the cause of prize reduction 
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vente3141Student Digital Artist
Thanks...I'm almost done~ xD
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VibrantSnowStudent Digital Artist
W00t, can't wait to announce results soon, it's only few days away
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Edalie-chanProfessional Digital Artist
thanks and no problem!! ^w^ :heart: hope you are both well~
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VibrantSnowStudent Digital Artist
Yes we are doing well thank you , likewise :)

everyone in the contest also in great shape so there is no problem :heart: I just needed to let them know this ahead