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I decided to make this an option, in case no one have paypal and prefers to receive points instead for their prize, i usually don't do this since i always find points pointless most of the times, but maybe i will only allow it this time:

Head up to the contest post here to see the update:

Contest: Love At A First Meet [CLOSED]Closed: No further comments will count now, we are announcing artists in few hours, if any new comments/entry comes during the progress of deciding the artist, new entries will be ignored 
Update: Points option has now been added.

Hey Everyone, here is a contest that me & Violetta wanted to host, this is also the first Straight contest of mine. we plan to make at least one more contest which will come later.
if you are an Anime artist, and you cannot Draw Furries/Anthro then do not worry, kemonomimis are allowed as most of our OC's got a kemonomimi form, Kemonomimi are humans with Animal ears & animals tails, that means you are going to keep the OCs tail & ears if you are going for a kemonomimi, and draw the desired outfit design you want, be it your own or the already made ones from the links.
In this contest you will Draw both mine & Violatta's Couples, Banto & Violetta in a Royal th

if you are wondering, Points are calculated using this:

DeviantArt Point Calculator by charfade

if you have any doubt, you can do it yourself & convert to see if they are calculated correctly

Please do not ask for free points, Thank you.
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Submitted on
February 10, 2017