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Edit: thanks to mr-tiaa for letting me know about the non-working links, they've been fixed

Alt title: Love Connection

Please read before commenting

I was supposed to post this earlier, but some things got in the way, but i finally got time so here you are:

  If you are a non-furry artist, you can draw them as Kemonomimi so any artist can almost enter, feel free to ask me if you are not sure

Theme: Gothic Lolita:

✦How the theme works✦

You are supposed to draw them in a scene or pose of how close they are, and how strong their relation is, the contestants can draw them either in a couple or sibling relation positions, The artist can also try to create pieces full of emotions, artists also have the option to draw their distort mood, which shows the twins different personalities (seen in their ref sheet), for Distort mood, you can add little blood, if you are not totally sure what other things for this mode, please feel free to ask 

Artists can get creative about outfits, and try different things with gothic lolita theme as long as they don't go off concept, they will have high chance in competing for the contest

Gothic Lolita outfits: Gothic lolita outfit, not a regular lolita: can be your own gothic lolita design, just don't go overboard, i would recommend making black as main color or white, and the other colors as secondary, skulls, colored flowers, cross and many other common accessories for this etc are one of the strongest addition to the actual outfit in this contest, so make sure to give your best for your creativity

Please look up the example below if you are not sure:


Characters ref:… or if you prefer, you can draw them as kemonomimi

Gothic lolita outfit examples: 

Black & secondary colors:…

White & black focused:……

Other: you can try going the other route, but it's not that highly recommend unless you feel super creative and make it work very well for the contest theme:…



1st: $600
3rd: $400
4th: $350
5th - 7th: $220
9th - 10th: $150

How to enter?:

This is not an open contest, we will pick as many as we can though, so unfortunately we can't pick everyone, you agree that you are able to finish in time before the deadline, if you do not finish your entry in time, it may results you from not being able to participate in next contests, we just don't want spots to be wasted because others could have had the chance to take that spot

Please Comment & Show your best examples to apply for a chance to get picked


This will go for 2 weeks, once application is closed, we will pick the artist, once we announce picked artists, we will set the deadline for 40 days 
we will inform selected artist by a note, don't post the art publicly before we announce the results, we do this to make sure everyone can work with their own idea without trying to copy from the other, just note me & link me to your finished art with the sharing files site you uploaded it on, imgur dropbox etc, you can also show us a wip and i don't mind giving tips, make sure you get their design right too because that might affect the result for your piece 

Any other question? please don't hesitate to note/ask me

the contest will also go on FA (Furaffinity) as well

We are both looking forward to your participation <3

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foxymorongarden Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017  Student General Artist
May I join?
Stars (static) - NITW by foxymorongarden Do What You Otter... by foxymorongarden Cat Lady in Training by foxymorongarden AT: Soup by foxymorongarden
CasperCrow Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017  Professional General Artist
I'd like to enter this contest pls ! :)
Swift Death by CrimsonCasperCrow   Maya by CrimsonCasperCrow   Crimson Casper Crow by CrimsonCasperCrow   Edeva by CrimsonCasperCrow
sarpreet15 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The characters are really cute >< I'd love to enter! Here are my exemples -->
Request for candysweetx by sarpreet15   Ericanna and Corrin by sarpreet15   Friends Forever~ by sarpreet15  
dysrhythmical Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2017
boop. I'd love to give it a try so ;v;
At Sofua by dysrhythmical 063{AT} [Speedpaint] by dysrhythmical 076{AT} by dysrhythmical 023 by dysrhythmical
shiroganeRyo Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Aaah, such cute characters! Hope I get to enter~ ´w` Here are my examples:

Starry Wish by shiroganeRyo   Darkness Fall by shiroganeRyo   Hand in hand by shiroganeRyo   CM - Love, love by shiroganeRyo
Shide-Dy Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww so cute characters ;w;
Hope i can join! <333

xKarka Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I'd love to enter! ;u;
[YCH] Glowsticks rave - Dogimus by xKarka [YCH] Cliff by xKarka [YCH] Beach by xKarka [YCH] Morning Cuddles by xKarka
pizzeria-girlfriend Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd love to enter ! these two look cute!

here are some examples of my work!
Power by 0mikey0   Little Fighter by 0mikey0   Could You Do It? by 0mikey0  
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