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36th drawing from "What if Disney characters had their own Pokemon team" series

Happy New Year!
It's being almost one year that I haven't draw. Its the last weekend of winter vocations and I'm too cold to move, so... let's draw.
Sorry for the hiatus >__<

It was so difficult to choose these pokemons, I had already wrote down it back home, but i forgot to bring in my trip, so I had to search and think again.

Kuzco   -> Furfrou: okay, its a dog, we know. But I still remeber when the XY anime hadnt start yet and everybody flipped because of the llama pokemon they could see in the teaser. So... yes... 
            -> Solrock: Kingdom of the Sun was the working title of the movie. And the Sun is the symbol of the Incan Emperor.
Pacha   -> Ludicolo: Basically, ponchos + big + grass (it's the type I choose for Pacha's family)
Chicha  -> Bayleef: That was on of the most difficult to choose, I want a pokemon that had a similar personality and color palette with her. And Bayleef kind of matched... I think...
Chaca   -> Maractus: Grass + Same hairsytle + they seem to be as energetic as Chaca 
Tipo      -> Turtwig: Grass + Small (but will became big... that's what I expect for Tipo, look at his dad)
Yupi      -> Sunkern: I wanted a baby grass pokemon, but I couldn't find. So I took the smallest I could find.

Sorry, for taking so long, I still don't know when I can draw the next one, but it's gonna be Atlantis, and I already have the ideas and sketchs done. So I hope to do it soon

Next up: Atlantis (Milo + Kida)

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