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Independent Developer Biography:

Oasia Worlds strives to bring back the glory days of gaming during the era of the N64. Wholesome games that retain their replay value, with one important motto that separates our work from many others; "No In-App Purchases. No Corporate Adds. No Monthly Subscriptions. Just Games."

Viaticum Games is the investor and publisher to Oasia Worlds. With great titles planed for future release, it is upon you to "Prepare For The Journey".

Oasia Worlds Entertainment and Hooded-Crickets are my personal subdivisions of our company.​

How Oasia Worlds Employs devaintART:

We sell prints of art which anyone is free to purchase, however, I will never ask for donations or handouts. Prices are set by deviantART.

As long as your deviantART account is not overly violent or overly sexualized, I do follow back. But please do not follow just for an extra follower.

Hope you enjoy your stay.

Links: - My personal site at Viaticum Games. - Viaticums Games official website.

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