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Awesome Ballpoint Pen Artist Feature

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 30, 2014, 9:18 AM

Hi friends in Art,

Please feel free to check out this guy:

He is a very talented and promising young ballpoint pen artist. He will be releasing his works progressively, so stay tuned to his stuff!

   3D Spider drawn with ballpoint pen by Godofpen    Orange Eye by Godofpen

I'm on Instagram now

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 29, 2014, 5:43 AM
Dear friends in Art,

I am now on Instagram too, under the name VianaArts

Feel free to follow me there too. Thank you.

Best regards from your friend in Art,

Samuel Silva

Hi Artists,

I was very pleased to know that I was featured online on The Mirror yesterday…
and also in print in The Daily Telegraph this morning! 10-04-2014

Pretty cool.

If you haven't already feel free to check my official facebook:

Your friend in art,

Samuel Silva
Hi guys,

Just a reminder, if you haven't already found me, here's my facebook again:


Samuel Silva
I am really sorry that I have to go through all the trouble of writing a journal entry just to let people know about these sad things.

This user:



Created an account and has taken images from several people I am yet to identify (sorry guys) adds a "one click" filter and claims as their own. This is probably a child, judging by the language used and naivety demonstrated when it comes to DA's rules, so go easy on her.

All you have to do is click on "report deviation" and let DA know about any infractions you see fit. I have reported my own work there.

Again, please do not insult the person, be nice, if you have anything to say let it be warnings and useful advice! ;)

Samuel Silva

I submitted a Journal 2h 30m ago about an art thief who was selling prints and claiming the work of lots of artists from DeviantArt as his own with his own watermarks over them and all.

Everyone mobilized against this threat. Both his pages (on facebook and a website) have now been taken down successfully.

Thank you all who contributed to eliminate this threat and illegal operation.

Thank you all.

In other news, A Russian News Agency and a Chinese News Channel mentioned me!……

Your friend in Art,

Samuel Silva

I am now a Senior Member

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 8, 2013, 12:10 PM
I am now a Senior Member!

I am now 'VianaArts ;)  (with a tick!)

A year and a half ago I started my account to share what I do and to learn from other artists, see what they have to share. That is still true.

A week later I got a Daily Deviation for this work:

Palace garden in Kyoto, Japan, Bic Ballpoint Pen by VianaArts

Eight months later I got another one, for the Redhead Girl, the drawing went super viral all over the internet, starting a meteoric ascension of my fame, something I could never fathom even in my wildest dreams.

Redhead Girl - Ballpoint Pen by VianaArts, Scientific American Mind magazine, Huffington Post, and literally millions of other blogs and websites mention me now. A Google search for "Samuel Silva Artist" returns more than 12 million results. An honor that is both humbling and at the same time amazing to me.

And now, a year and a half later I was promoted to Senior member.

I just want to thank all my watchers, my friends and fans, whoever they are and wherever they are, a big thank you from your friend in Art,


Samuel Silva - 'VianaArts

Hi friends.

Just a quick entry to say I have moved into another country. Professional and personal reasons.

I am now based in London, United Kingdom! ;)

Drawings are on stand by for now because of all the stuff I have been taking care of, but new ones are to be expected soon :)

Samuel Silva - VianaArts
I know I have been featured in so many places I lost count. But this time the world renown Scientific American Mind magazine featured me! A very small feature, but hey! I'm still very honored! Amazing.

I have been a reader and fan of their magazine for many years.

Here is the article:…

You may need a subscription to see the images, or you could buy the March/April printed version ;)
I had to share these. This is one of the best line artists in the world. Ronald Monroe is the man behind the mathematical precise hundreds of thousands of little tiny lines which make stunning drawing. His 'bank note quality' could be used to actually draw real money for the Federal Reserve!

If you're still not watching him you really should! :iconronmonroe:

Here are some examples of his astounding work:

A Child's Smile by ronmonroe   Gorilla Thoughts in Art Pen by ronmonroe   Ben by ronmonroe   Self Portrait by ronmonroe   Tribute To Lee Jeffries by ronmonroe   Willie Nelson Revisited by ronmonroe   Scoob in Pen by ronmonroe   Pennies by ronmonroe

The amount of work and effort needed for this is genius level and nothing less, he's just too humble and kindhearted to recognize that.

Amazing Artist.
Hi, just a quick entry to divulge my Official Facebook page.

Like it and Share it! However my new drawings will always be released here first and with much better quality.

I will not answer any communications or messages there, I really have no time for that.

If you want to message me do it through DeviantArt please. Thank you for understanding.

My Facebook:…
False Facebook account

Someone created a facebook account pretending to be me. It is NOT me.

This facebook account:… is not mine.

I never created a facebook to share what I do. I only do it here, on DeviantArt exclusively.

So if you are 'friends' with this impostor I'm sorry to tell you that you've been fooled.

I'm sorry if he/she, while impersonating me, offended you in any way.

You can help by reporting this to facebook so they can take appropriate action.

If this is only a 'fan' page, I'm sorry, but it should say so ON such page.
Amazing Artists Feature

Here are some amazing artists you should take a look at!

First some genius level Ballpoint Pen Artists.

1 - Paoloamico87 :iconpaoloamico87:

Some of his insanely skilled work:
nighthawks- ball point pens on paper by paoloamico87   the round house- ball point pens on paper by paoloamico87   Luciano- ball point pens on paper by paoloamico87   lost city- ball point pens on paper by paoloamico87

2 - ThessaGreenleaf :iconthessagreenleaf:

Some of her wonderful works:
Amore/Love by ThessaGreenleaf   Tortie Cat by ThessaGreenleaf   Jaguar by ThessaGreenleaf   blue eyes cat by ThessaGreenleaf

3 - Artisticartery :iconartisticartery:

Some of her exquisitely detailed and intricate works:

Johnny Depp. Blue biro. by artisticartery   Vincent Gallo. Blue biro by artisticartery   Ian Somerhalder. Blue biro by artisticartery   Ian Somerhalder 3. Black biro by artisticartery

4 - Leahlapera :iconleahlapera:

Some of her lovely creative works:

Sad. by leahlapera   Lil Wayne FINALLY Finished by leahlapera   HOLY CRAP fade away by leahlapera   Going to a party by leahlapera

5 - Shelleysupernova :iconshelleysupernova:

Some of her really cool work:

Call Me... by shelleysupernova   Feeling Blue by shelleysupernova   Peony by shelleysupernova  :thumb254545440:

6 - mitzieBgood :iconmitziebgood:

Some of her colorful amazing work:

goldeneye by szog88 Untitled by mitzieBgood   Painted Bird by mitzieBgood   Untitled by mitzieBgood

7 - Andre-assis :iconandre-assis:

Some of his very high skill level work:

Ballpoint - MACAW by andre-assis   Ballpoint - Girlfriend by andre-assis   Ballpoint Beyonce by andre-assis   Ballpoint Repaginando by andre-assis

I'm so happy they also share what they do with Ballpoint Pens, it's a great joy for me to see that this medium is being used with such extremely high levels of skill! Magnificent indeed. I'm glad to learn from what they share and that they too feel the same about me and others. That's what Art is all about. Sharing.
It's not about what you use, it's about how you use it. So use what you've got to the best of your ability.

Now some other mediums:

7 - AnnemiekedW :iconannemiekedw:

Her amazing superlative level Colored Pencil Art:

:thumb327120403:  :thumb319671610:  :thumb307550879:  :thumb255077963:

8 - RonMonroe :iconronmonroe:

One of the best Line Artists in the world, the Federal Government should hire him to draw the new bank note bills.
His astounding work:

Gorilla Thoughts in Art Pen by ronmonroe   Ben by ronmonroe   Ronald Reagan by ronmonroe   Scoob in Pen by ronmonroe

9 - DragosSulgheru :icondragos-sulgheru:

Amazing Artist with very original work, here are some of his works:

Innocence by Dragos-Sulgheru  :thumb273396154:  :thumb262347318:  :thumb276075191:

10 - Mararda :iconmararda:

Amazing Watercolorist, she's also a photographer. Some of her works:

Ducklings by Mararda  :thumb314478168:  :thumb287482998:   Emily Portrait by Mararda

It's all for now, enjoy their Art!
ArtisAllan :iconartisallan: is his username in DA, but his real name is Allan Barbeau.

He's a french illustrator & portrait painter living in Ireland but must of all, a Stylographiste or say otherwise, a ballpoint pen artist.

Real Illustrations, Surreal drawings or portraits, check him out and discover what he can do with a simple Ballpoint pens.

You are drawing with ballpoint pen yourself !?
You should be interested in his forum. The only forum to learn how to use a ballpoint pen as an art tool.

It is THE place to get some tips, information about ballpoint pen, show up your art, exercise your skill and talk about it !!

Me and him are good friends, and I admire him very much. If you want really good and professional tutorials, he's the man! He even has publish a book with all his tutorials!
He deserves tens of thousands of watchers and all the recognition in the world.

Some of his Godlike skilled works:

Art with ballpoint pens by ArtisAllan   Psycho by ArtisAllan   Ballpoint pen's Art - Kamini by ArtisAllan   Ballpoint pen Art - Delicious by ArtisAllan   Ballpoint pen red car by ArtisAllan   Ball pen art - Work VS passion by ArtisAllan   Mona Lisa with ballpoint pen by ArtisAllan   Ballpoint pen Art : Cacatoes by ArtisAllan

His amazing tutorial book: The ballpoint pen art book by ArtisAllan

Thank you Allan, you were always my mentor, friend and also inspiration, I owe it all to you my friend.
Other genius level ballpoint pen and art pen artists:
:iconcraig-stannard: :iconronmonroe: :iconflotter: :iconsambrownart: :iconstarr2099: :iconkleinmeli: :iconandre-assis: :icondajhdjkhjhaj: :iconbubblegum-jellybean: :iconginame: :iconartisticartery: :iconshelleysupernova:

I'm sorry if I forgot some of you my friends! You're all great artists.

Contest at #AllWomen

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 14, 2012, 12:59 PM
My artwork has been one of the  nominated at this group: #AllWomen to choose the 'best ever female portrait on deviantART', in their own words.

10 works were chosen from 77 member suggestions.

Only members can vote, if you're a member don't forget visit their journal entry to cast your vote!

I voted for number 2. Really striking work.

I don't care if I win or not, the fact that the users chose my work to be among the best 10 ever is a great honor to me. (even though it's highly relative because everyone has different tastes and no work is better than any other)

Best regards,


2052 watchers and DD's

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 9:45 AM
First I wanted to thank my 2052 watchers, without them most of my work would go unnoticed. A few months ago I was nobody to the Art world, now I am still nobody, but at least 2052 people like to see what I have to share and that makes me feel good about what I do and what I still intend to do.

Second of all, I wanted to thank all the people who suggested my work for a Daily Deviation. My work hasn't been suggestible for a DD for the past 6 months, that's because I already had a DD 6 months ago and DeviantArt rules clearly state that a Deviant can only get another DD after at the very least 6 months from the previous one have passed.

So if you had the kindness to suggest my work when it wasn't going through, you can now suggest it again because now it is eligible again. Thank you very much again for taking the time and effort. And make sure to read the rules of the people who take suggestions, if you don't follow their rules chances are your suggestion will not be considered.

Thank you all for the extraordinary support!


Our group is growing steadily! We have categories for almost everything, not only Ballpoint!
We have Digital, Traditional Drawing, traditional painting, traditional sculpture, photography, photo manipulation. We do, however, have Minimum Quality Requirements! We want your absolute best works. The rules are very few and take 15 seconds to read they are also clearly visible, so no boring full pages of rules like many groups have! Come and check the group out! Everyone is free to join in, just make sure to read the RULES and abide by them.

Join the Masters here! :iconballpoint-masters: