Hello world, is anyone still out there that remembers me? It's been so long since I've been on Deviant Art.  Lately my work has been resurfacing.  Pinups are popping up from the past.  I must say I miss shooting and styling them.  I have been distracted by other projects these last few years that I haven't really been focusing on my own work.  Shooting more personalities then models, working on Branding, Logo's and press kits for musicians. I have done some tasty arty nudes and fine art stuff I have yet to share. Sitting on an archive of stuff wondering on what I should do with all of them.  It's a shame to have them be hidden away never to be seen.  I'm hoping to come back and make more of a presence. Until then keep a watch out.  xo ViaMarie

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Yes! Definitely remember you and appreciate the artistry with which you imbue your work. So glad to hear you will be sharing more of your talent soon!
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Great Gallery & Talent Marie:) Sent you an Invite to Join On Your Front Page:) xoxolexxii CutieShots ***Submitted: "Nikita2" For Your Approval:)
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Yes, I remember you.  I'm sure I have a number of your images in my :+fav:s!
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yay, someone responded!! Thank you!
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Yes Marie, and you're very welcome. :aww:
I even added you back to my :+devwatch:! ;)
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Your work is really beautiful...a shame to give up on posting it. Michael
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Thank you Michael.  I get really hard on myself about which ones to share and which to hold onto for publications.  I ended up sitting on most of them. Terrible isn't it!? lol! 
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