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November 18, 2006
Arianna Crossing by *viamarie is so utterly stunning that I can't stop admiring it. The symmetry draws you in to the beautiful starlet in the middle showered in golden gorgeous sunlight and the textures of the latex compared with the dirty gnarly road behind adds to the contrasting allure of the whole setting.
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Arianna Crossing

Introducing the beautiful ...Arianna Rowley.

Makeup/hair/styling: Via Marie

Latex: top(skintwo) bottom(HouseofHarlot)

Featured Spotlighted on in "A" Magazine(Italy) June 07
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ibex-00's avatar
stunning hips
AdroVonCrow's avatar
See my new Article - Pin up ([link])
You will find there this work and some more.
thank you so much for providing this amazing piece of art!
VixenInRed's avatar
Stunning and natural pose... lovely lighting, gorgeous idea :D
PoyrazKaptan's avatar
awesome shot and model,well done!
avivi's avatar
perfect pic :)
windwater's avatar
it's nice, but the model's angle seems a bit unflattering.
glenneroo's avatar
well, since everyone is throwing out faves and such i'm gonna go against the grain, not out of spite or just to play devil's advocate, but rather because there are things here that just sincerely turn me off. Please don't be offended, i merely wish to point out MY own personal observations for what this lacks in my eyes. You are free to delete this comment or use it to some advantage or whatever.

- you flashed, didn't you? It tells, the sign and that patch above her head are glowing in a radioactive kinda way and you can see the sun rays coming from the side i.e. no way they coulda made that light?? Her upper half esp. her head is also very filled in with light.. not possible with all that hair there. Perhaps i'm wrong, but either way it looks like a cheap flash. Flash isn't needed here. Maybe shoot RAW and tone fill light up a notch? Whatever, this just has a really photoshopped feeling to it.

- composition is fine in most respects, though i rarely find a pic with the object of attention perfectly centered and unfortunately this isn't one of them. I would have said if centered, MUCH lower i.e. ground-level or REALLY high from above (above the sign?) ... or just some form or other of the thirds rule... or who knows...

- possibly relating to composition, it's a bit slanted... just enough to drive me nuts ;)

k thats it. everything else i like ;)
viamarie's avatar
It's ok, your opinion. I don't expect evryone to get what's going on.
I bounced a strobe flash on a gold large reflector on her from where the hard shadows laid upon her with the sun setting hard off low to the side. Also I cropped the image here for better veiwing. Since I don't want my images stolen for print, I wanted the public to see the detail of the model and colors. So as far as composition goes, this is why I did that. I do like the full perspective better. Shows more of the sky, sides and no worries. I get what you're saying.
A cheep flash and camera it is not. The idea of keeping things so I don't have to photoshop is more a traditional way to go about photography. The day of photo manipulation is easier then getting the shot exact from the 1st place. I'd rather practice my training and what I know to deal with available light then just changing it the digital darkroom. Don't get me wrong, I did edit it, but only enough to sharpen, contrast and make the image printable.
This shot was picked to be published and spotlighted. I guess they thought it was ok . If I pleased everyone, then my work wouldn't be worth talking about.
glenneroo's avatar
cheers for the explanation! :)
jazzknh's avatar
All I can say is your model is gorgeous and the contrast to the background is amazing!
2Spirit's avatar
Wow! She is stunning!
Paskaniska's avatar
I just love this pic!
Virtu-Imagery's avatar
A fantastic composition!
She reminds me of Scarlett Johansson
Very hot!
Titanica's avatar
Excellent shot. :)
ReFraign's avatar
Awesome Picture, I used you as ref. here-> [link]
nitrolx's avatar
Simply amazing!
KAMU1's avatar
She is... sooo pin-up!!
Just a beautiful photograph!!
KAMU1's avatar
yeap... this deserves a :+fav:
RockerSonic's avatar
Wow, she is beautifull! Man those legs are soooo long, and in those heels it just gets sexier. Great shot!
aprildee's avatar
Wow! She has hips! ;P Gorgeous!
Jiyuu-Chan's avatar
This is gorgeous.
I had to stop and look again because I wasn't sure if she was real.
The contrast is lovely, but what strikes me the most in this picture is her blatantly-sexual-but-very-classy pinup girl look. Very nicely done.
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